43 Comments on “Finding the RARE gold coin part 2 #shorts”

  1. The contest people need to exchange your coin for a real one😇😄🙌 they owe you something keep us updated .

    1. There’s this little thing that happens in the United States of America that, if a company advertises that an item is something (in this case gold), then it must honor the value of what the real item would be. Get hold of the company and threaten them with a “Truth in advertising ” lawsuit if they don’t pay up. Most companies will settle with you out of court, rather than going to court. And having to pay even more in attorney fees.

    2. @expectedmeat pretty sure he not talk about the place we’re he purchase it the company that did false advertising saying real coin. Sond like a case to me that false advertisement jacka** it up to him if he want to go pursue in it or just forget about it ..smh

  2. Damn you just got 50 cents off from that gold you know what that means right you can get rich and don’t even worth trying it that’s a pretty cool 50 cent movie right there 🤓👍💯🔥

  3. You are truly a wonderful brother. You are so creative with your family and really show them how to have fun. I love watching you!!

    1. You’re not wrong, they’re like we’ll buy this from you for $10, then they turn around and sell it for $50-$75.

  4. If it’s not real gold, what’s the purpose of the purchase? What did you win? Also, what did you pay for the “treasure box”?💕

    1. The purpose is to get idiots to spend all their money looking for the gold coin. You thinking you bout to come up eh eh wrong🙅🏽‍♀️

  5. Him: “ how much do you think it is?”
    Her: “ like, cincuenta centavos “
    Him: “Really?!… wait how much is that?”
    Her: “Like 50c”
    Him: “ 😭 “

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