Fine 1 oz Silver Coin Forsale: Saint George Slaying Dragon

Second coin in the Bank Note series!

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Your coin features part of the vignette that appeared on the $5 bank note issued in 1859 by the short-lived Bank of Western Canada. It shows Saint George slaying the dragon, a legend dating back thousands of years. Saint George was made the patron saint of England in the 1340s. As such, he became a popular figure on British medallions and coins, figuring prominently on the gold sovereign since 1817. The design of a caped Saint George on a rearing horse slaying a dragon at his feet became so iconic that it clearly inspired the artist working at the America Bank Note Company who created the design for the 1859 $5 bank note.

A superb keepsake highlighting a fascinating chapter in Canadian history. Order yours today!

Special features:
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