#FOUND huge COIN collection! | GOLD RINGS | Mega Unit w Storage Stalker

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We bought a Huge 20×20 Storage Unit and it’s going to definitely be profitable

Come, step into my office…This is my version of modern-day treasure hunting. Vlogging the good, the bad, and the really really bad, alongside a bit of everyday life. Starring yours truly and some of my very close family and friends. The grind never stops, there’s no Monday-Friday, it’s a cycle of everyday courage to wake up and level up.
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34 Comments on “#FOUND huge COIN collection! | GOLD RINGS | Mega Unit w Storage Stalker”

  1. This unit is crazy…so much fun, so little time…but listen here, the fun continues Tomorrow night (Friday Night Auction) you are going to want to tune in at 6:10pm pst ☺️😁 don’t be late!!

    1. People pay good money for gold filled lots on ebay. Throw it all on a scale take a pic and list it

  2. Amazing finds. So amazing that Liz never said she was cold or hungry. Just kidding. Love you guys. I hope you all find a million dollars see you tomorrow

  3. This is a former drug dealers locker and it’s got lots of items.. I think they might of had a barter system..😂 Can’t wait to see more guys.. Stay safe y’all..👍💕🔥⚾😷

  4. During world war II era they made nickles out of 35% silver due to a shortage of steel…..you may need to find a new silver/gold guy 😂🤣😂🤣

    1. I wrote the same thing if you scroll up silver war nickles are rare especially in a bank roll!!!! Omg

  5. cute little blue duffle, would be great with a Barbie. And you have got to have found the best locker ever! So happy for you!

  6. I’m so mad that you destroyed that vintage suitcase! A lock pick would probably have worked faster. That unit is crazy!

  7. Actually, there were silver nickels, known as war silver nickels, made between 1942-1945. They are worth more than you would think despite being only 35% silver.

    1. @Jack Draw well obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about bc the melt exceeds to face value melt value is $1.27 even for beat to hell silver nickels Mine is worth about $200 bc it was graded by pcgs

  8. Take care of those old seeds. These are genetically pure and very interesting for breeders.
    Check it out if in your state growing legal.

  9. There are silver nickels and Uncirculated they can be anywhere from 17 dollars to 5000 dollars each depending on the year…

  10. Hey guys, during WWII, the US Government minted nickels with 35% silver in 1943, 1944 & 1945. Also, just in case you come across them, 1943 pennies were made of steel because we needed copper for the war effort.

    Many of those Canadian coins are silver, especially the older ones.

    I’ve been collecting coins for almost 2 decades.

    Great video and I love the banter between all of you, you make the videos fun to watch.

    I may have to start buying storage units myself!!😃

  11. Wonder who this lot belonged to? Two things I would recommend when looking through someone’s property that is to be respectful, and all that glistens isn’t gold.. interesting collecting of someone’s life.

  12. Also rolls of uncirculated coins generally can sell above face value – the older the greater the premium as long as the uncs were not damaged or stored improperly.

  13. If the seeds were from the 70’s, be worth planting! Buttons & cufflinks. I’d make those pretty blue cufflinks into earrings! That was a great little box. Be nice to one another. Be safe out there people. Love to all

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