Franklin Half Dollars Dansco Coin Album (7165) 5/8″ (Item: 23424)

7165 Dansco Coin Album

The 7165 Dansco Coin Album provides dual side viewing for Franklin Half Dollars minted from 1948 to 1963. The album itself is a traditional Dansco leatherette cover with gold embossed letters. The cover and spine are clearly marked Franklin Half Dollars and the model number 7165 is also located on the spine bottom. There is a full page narrative of Franklin Half Dollars on the inside front cover and the inside back cover lists the quantity of coins minted by year.

The overall album has two pages that each hold 20 coins.

Page 1 1948, 1948-D, 1949, 1949-D,
1949-S, 1950, 1950-D, 1951,
1951-D, 1951-S, 1952, 1952-D,
1952-S, 1953, 1953-D, 1953-S,
1954, 1954-D, 1954-S, 1955
Page 2 1956, 1957, 1957-D, 1958,
1958-D, 1959, 1959-D, 1960,
1960-D, 1961, 1961-D, 1962,
1962-D, 196, 1963-D
plus five additional openings that are not labeled

Why You Should Choose Dansco Coin Albums

Dansco coin Albums are popular among coin collectors because they feature dual sided viewing of your collection by holding your coins in place with acetate sheets between coated an washable pages. Dansco albums are constructed with two post screws so that their pages can be replaced if they become damaged or so that you can add additional pages as your collection grows.

Dansco coin albums are made in America.

Dansco Coin Album Protection

Preserve your album in a Dansco Coin Album Slip Case. Slip cases minimize airflow around your coins while holding your album securely together.

Price: 15.44

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