Friday night auction announcement!

Read the rules & leave a comment below!
Auction Info:
• You must be 18 years or older to bid
• Every item has a starting bid and it goes in increments of $1.00 up to $50 then $2 increments for bid $51- $99 and $5 increments for bids of $100 and up
• The starting bid price is entirely an opinion of the Host/Hosts not an actual item value
• We reserve the right to cancel any bid or withdraw an item
• First time bidders need to register by placing a $25 deposit to our PayPal or Zelle account: before they place a bid.
The $25 deposit will be refunded if you don’t buy an item or deducted from your first purchase. First time winner needs to pay right after their first auction win or their deposit will be forfeit.
They will be also excluded from bidding in our future auctions. Unpaid items will be reauctioned at the end of the same auction.
• For people who bought an item previously, a payment must be made by the end of the auction.
• No numbers in the chat unless it’s a bid
• During an auction, please keep the chatting to a minimum, also we can’t answer questions not related to the auction. We need to look at the bids and don’t want to miss anyone. It is also disrespectful to our bidders and MODS.
• You don’t need to be a member to participate.
• The payment options are PayPal or Zelle – JBCOINSINC@GMAIL.COM;
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR YOUTUBE SCREEN NAME in a note section with your payment.
• Shipping cost is $5, no matter how many items you buy or its value.
• We ship via USPS only
• Winners need to send us their mailing info to our email:

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These can be found at the following links: YouTube Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:
YouTube Community Guidelines:

Official Rules for Giveaways on our channel: For the giveaways held during our live streams and through our channel, you must be of legal age or have parental permission to enter. All donations are meant to support the channel and enable us to improve the content for the channel. When you win something, contact us with your name, screenname, mailing address, what you won and the date of the stream to Winners are determined by the hosts and have a week to claim their prize.
FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. This video is not affiliated nor endorsed by YouTube. YouTube is not a sponsor of this Giveaway. By entering this Giveaway, you release YouTube from any and all lability related to this Giveaway. All items in our giveaways were either purchased by us or given to us to be used in said giveaways. Giveaways on this channel are held in accordance with YouTube Community Guidelines and YouTube Terms of Service. Any entries not following the YouTube Community Guidelines will be disqualified. Personal data sent to us is for the sole purpose of sending the item(s) won and will not be shared with any third party nor used for any other purpose. Giveaways are void where prohibited by law.
FREE GIVEAWAYS: Limited to US only. No Purchase necessary. To be included in our free GAW’s during the livestream on 01/26/23, you must be present in the live stream and answers the question we asked in the video

Also, you need answer within 60 sec if we call your name.
Free giveaways will occur at 100 likes then in increments of 100, and at the end of the stream.
Winners need to send us an email to with YouTube name, real name, mailing address and what prize they won. Winners have 7 days to contact us to claim their prize.
Once the package leaves JBCOINSINC, we are not talking any responsibility for missing packages by the carrier.

20 Comments on “Friday night auction announcement!”

  1. I do like the silver commemoratives the best! Hope you both are feeling better. Good luck with your live stream tonight J and B

  2. Kinda new to the coin game. Right now I’m into coins in general. Studying up on my pennies and nickels to more specific

  3. The like silver commemoratives which are always beautiful, with very interesting historical value. But, I really love the silver coins too!

  4. I like the standard silver coins most. The commemorative have a certain beauty, but I like the coins that could have been in circulation.

  5. The 1986 commemorative silver rounds are the favorite in this video. In fact, I have won one with JB and bought three more for other source for my nieces and nephews. Happy bidding family

  6. I think standard silver is the most intriguing to me, wondering who’s touched them and what they have purchased 🤔 😳 😅

  7. I like the standard older silver coins such as the Morgan but the commemorative silver coins are always a nice addition to any coin collection.

  8. Hello J and B, I like some of the commemoratives. But I have to say U.S. coins are my favorite overall. Stay positive and Bee kind.

  9. I love the history involved with some of the issued coins….Benji’s with the Liberty bell, Kennedy’s with the eagle landing on the moon…Ikes with the Liberty bell and the Moon….Love em!!

  10. Hello, Good Evening! The Commerative Coins is a great addition for anyone, to have. I, do like coins… The experience in collecting with the knowledge and history of coins is amazing. Best wishes to You, J, B, beautiful coin keepers, worldwide. Wishing everyone Peace Love and Light, Blessings 😊✌️🙏❤️

  11. Standards for me J; the older the better and because of your auctions I am gaining an interest in the deutchmark and canookkian silver maple leaves 🍁 …see you and 🐝 tonight

  12. I like old silver coins like the Morgan and Peace dollars, but silver commemoratives are really cool too. Good Luck Everybody!!!

  13. I like the silver commemoratives and the Walking Liberty Dollars. I started collecting State Silver sets and the moved to the Walking Liberty silver dollars!

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