GOLD MINE! Coins Worth Thousands of Dollars!

GOLD MINE! Coins Worth Thousands of Dollars! These are old coins that rare because of their conditions or coin grades and because they are key date low mintage coins.

Coin Microscope:

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32 Comments on “GOLD MINE! Coins Worth Thousands of Dollars!”

  1. Hi guys The bu Penny I got 1958 wheat penny but it’s talking to them it’s printed in the edge the ell is printed in the edge of the corn in the center of the edge

    1. Lol. No you don’t. At least not a real one. If you have one it is counterfeit. The Carson City mint wasn’t operating in 1899…

  2. I have all kinds of old money and I don’t know wear to cash them in .I know that some of them are worth a lot of money if someone would please let me know wear I can sale them I’m from Indiana thank you if someone would help me out

  3. I received my coin microscope last week and it is way better than I expected! Much better than looking at my coins through binoculars backwards! Much love!

  4. I have alot of old coins including wheat but I am new at it I’ve been researching for about a year now is there any way you can help me are can tell me of anyone who buys error coins and some that are not but most are error coins any help I would be very grateful for

    1. Have a state quarter where you can see some of the front under the light the wording is upside down down side up you can’t see the mint mark on a date messes under a bright light in the back is blank what is that mean how much you think that

    2. Is there anyway you can get intouch with me I’ve tried to locate you but I would really like to speak to you one on one I have a bunch of error coins and more but I would like to see if your interested or can direct me to who does. Thanks Barbara

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