25 Comments on “Gold Price At $15000 Per Ounce”

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  2. I understand where your coming from but at the end up the day SERVICES such
    as industry need to be paid for man hours need to be paid for. How do you
    invest in something?? you need to have a monetary system to live like we
    live. You cant simply bring a truckload of cattle to a dealership to pay
    for a new truck right?? I understand you have an opinion and you are
    TECHNICALLY right. But gold is not useless, I would like you to look up the
    industry uses alone for gold and silver

  3. I am checking gold price on the below given website but when I go to buy
    gold to shop they say it being an MCX rate and I will be charged some extra
    saying that it’s an ‘ON rate’. I am a bit confused about it. I don’t know
    what is MCX rate and why should I pay extra to buy gold?

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  5. You Buy gold and I will stockpile food and water gasoline and lets see who
    comes begging to who!

  6. i have an ar15, a 22, bolt action .308, and just bought a remington 870
    with a turkey barrel and rifled slug barrel. i think we share the same
    approach to diversifying 😉

  7. @gotmyfingerrscrowsed the americans are in a bind. it seems that they
    cannot inflate the $ (at least for now) because of the looming deflation.
    they pressed china to float the yuan & the chinese did it. guess what? the
    $ went up against the yuan. every effort the US tries to inflate the
    economy seems to fail. the trillions of bailout US $ seem to be actually
    shrinkng out of circulation in the US (credit crunch), safely heading
    elsewhere & hiding. so now what?

  8. @juicejon1 I was right. Gold has come down off the 1800 mark. You’re either
    a moron or a gold broker if you believe this clown’s nonsense.

  9. @MrBigEnchilada Good question and not easily answered, but in a nutshell,
    the govt. has an interest in keeping gold low and the dollar high, so price
    manipulation is the key factor here…once the free market is able to
    function properly, then you will see your 6k + prices and because of the
    long term suppression, it will overshoot by a mile.

  10. thats not true in my opinion, I think you mean not much of the population
    owns substantial gold, think of it anyone who is married owns at least 5
    grams of gold in rings etc, I am a gold/silver/p group metals buyer in
    Chino Ca USA, it is a middle class town mostly but also a large amount of
    low income housing and Agriculture. And I never have a day when im not
    buying gold in the forms of rings and necklaces from relationships gone

  11. @whiplash3825 Right… and your paper fiat currency has value that meets
    humanity’s three basic needs? Now tell me, if shit hit the fan, which one
    is a better offer to someone with a lot of food? a wheelbarrow full of
    worthless papers or a bag full of gold coins? … Buy silver, buy gold and
    protect yourself

  12. Chinese currency will decrease demand for the $ and US export, this will
    increase the gold price. Easy peasy.

  13. we also bought more gold during this time, the price should be high but not
    that high…i think this guy is lying to get money…

  14. I am making no mistake. When Germany agreed to an Armistice in 1918, it was
    taken as “surrender” by the Allied Powers. The Germans were turned into
    beggars in their own land due to their Industrial base being stripped and
    shipped out by vindictive France, and it was left to rust. America’s
    Industry has been shipped out, thanks to to such as Bill Clinton saying
    that we are no longer a manufacturing nation, and that we should
    concentrate on being a service nation .. servicing WHAT?! Food stamps?

  15. This guy is off by about $12,000 On June 22, 2010,Before the latest
    printing of another $600 Billion by the Fed I did this calculation: US is
    the largest gold holder with reserves of 8133.5 Tonnes, Federal Reserve
    data as of June 17, 2010 the M2 currency number was $7.7555 trillion
    dollars. This would imply a value of gold at $27,131.59 at the current time
    (21.75 x $1243)

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