Guide to GOLD Ancient GREEK ROMAN BYZANTINE & World Coins Collection How To #trustecoins

for article for article Guide to GOLD Ancient Coins of Greeks Romans and Byzantine Empire
How-to to put together a collection of beautiful ancient coins

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GOLD. The word in itself connotes opulence, greatness, beauty and power. This guide is designed to teach you about the various different coins possible to collect. What is shown in this video and the article with pictures of the items from the video are ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, medieval and world coins, along with several artifacts of interest, all sharing one thing in common, being made of GOLD! May this guide inspire you, or perhaps just show you the art and history of ancient coins.
The coins shown in this video and article are coins available in my Ancient Greek Roman and Biblical Coin eBay store. Where along with gold, I have coins made of silver and bronze also, with bronze being most plentiful, so this way I have something for everyone, whether you are a beginner collector or want to pick out a unique gift, for under $50 (a beautiful bronze) coin I have what you need.
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The Different types of Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and World Coins
This is just a small selection of the vast world of the various ancient and world coins available for sale. The benefit that my patrons have in dealing with me is my vast experience of having worked with over 55,000 items which allows you to leverage my many years experience, along with a large over 14,000 item inventory to select some really interesting and rare numismatic items and antiquities. I guarantee all of my items authentic for a lifetime, and provide them with a professional Certificate of Authenticity with professional research and photographs of the item.

Read on to see the pictures and the descriptions of the different coins I displayed in the video above.

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    1. +a google user Thank you for the kind comment. Words like yours make it even more fulfilling to keep sharing.

  1. Very interesting, especially that Crusader piece imitating the Ayyubid dinars. By the way, Al-Adil is not a caliph, but rather a sultan, much like how Saladin was called a Sultan. The Ayyubid worked as a vessel state for the Abbasid Caliphate, so it cannot be a caliph if it’s under the authority of the Abbasids.

    1. Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Numismatic Coins for Sale on eBay Shop says:

      +Mythul Thank you.

    1. Ancient Coin Collecting of Wayne G Sayles books on Amazon, just do a search.
      Great overview for beginner collector.
      He has them on different topics such as Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Non-Classical cultures

    2. Also watch other videos on my channel on different topics I cover. Then figure out what sparks your interest. There are coin shows across the world, where you can also view these coins live!

    3. I also send out articles on different topics, so you can get them free to your email:
      go to to sign up. This is the best way to get educated. I cover a variety of topics and you can learn a lot.

    1. You’re welcome and Happy New Year!

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    1. Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Numismatic Coins for Sale on eBay Shop says:

      Excellent! Welcome to the wonderful world of ancient coin collecting!

  2. What about the gold fines of the late byzantine coins? Same of them lock like they had .585 fines.

    1. Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Numismatic Coins for Sale on eBay Shop says:

      That is interesting information that I don’t have. Thank you for the question.

  3. First rule of collecting ancient coins – go find a rock. That rock was formed millions of years ago. Process that information. Look at your ancient coin, then look at a brand new modern coin. Those coins are smashed together so much that they could create a coin between them on the timeline of things. Do not buy an ancient coin because you think it’s old, even the very first coin ever made isn’t old. There are truly ancient things everywhere around you. If you like old things, study geology. If you like early modern human creations, art, history, etc. then find coins with meaning to you. For perspective, at a life expectancy of 50 years, your ancestral line going back one thousand years equals 40 people / generations with equal overlap at midlife. So ~80 generations ago our bloodline was at the historical year 1 AD. Now did you ever think about the following: the early lines of people who were wealthy, educated, and lived long lives might have half as many generations over periods of time. They could have children at 30-60 years of age cutting the steps in the line in half, while poor folks with a short life expectancy would have almost double the generations. Which reminds me of the time my stepdad beat me with jumper cables in the foyer when I was watching the Rock perform a body slam on WWE in 1997.

  4. Its not a greek coin, its Romanian Dacian coin. Its found in Romania Sarmisegetuza. Coin from King Cotiso after Burebista death.

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