Guide to Stacking 40% Silver Half Dollars: Beginner’s Guide to Low Percentage Silver

Let's talk about 40% silver half dollars and their pros and cons – are they a good way to stack silver? There are a fair amount of people who would say so, while others seem a bit cooler on them. You definitely can acquired a good amount of silver at cheap prices, but those come with drawbacks – let me know if you agree with my thinking I explain in the video!


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8 Comments on “Guide to Stacking 40% Silver Half Dollars: Beginner’s Guide to Low Percentage Silver”

  1. What would be a good average price for those 40%, Kennedy’s? I used to get them for 2 time’s face,so, basically a dollar a piece. That was 4 years ago,do you think that is a good price? If so I might see if I can get more maybe.✌️👍🤔

    1. I’ll gladly take as many as you can give me for 4×face so if you can get ’em for 2 × face got for it.

  2. The only 40% I have is the two bicentennial silver set’s the proof and uncirculated. Are you the one who took over the 2013 star note list I can’t remember who did

  3. I have some of them. But Kennedy halves are my favorite coin to collect. It is as much that it is a JFK, as it is that it contains silver.

  4. Yeah, from a stacking perspective the 40% halves are the red-headed stepchildren (excepting the bicentennial coins. They are worth having). They don’t have enough silver content to make just plain old stacking worthwhile. That said, some of the varieties carry a premium, some of them not too bad. This makes these an excellent candidate for cherry picking, as lets face it, the silver stackers look at them as a nuisance and most Kennedy people are looking for top grade coins to fill the collections. However…there seems to be a new trend where error coins are really getting a bigger slice of attention. There are a couple of errors and varieties that will increase the value of your coin from roughly $3 to around $15 to even as much as $25, which is a nice thing to cherry pick from a dealer’s “junk box”. So they aren’t completely junk. Also, well, the higher grades of these coins are really nicely struck, and they are an attractive coin, I personally love the reverse. I think it’s funny- people coin roll hunt halves for silver, and never bother with errors, like the missing ‘FG” on the back of some years from die overpolishing, which in ungraded but decent condition can actually be worth *more* than a 90% half. They also miss NIFC dollars (2000-2020, since they dumped half dollars back into circulation last year) which *also* carry a premium over normal ones-not up to silver maybe, but money is money, right? Anything over 50 cents is profit.

  5. I’m doing gaurdhouse boxes of the 40% Kennedys and the 35% warnickels, should I have done 1 90% box instead? Also doing a buffullo nickel ( no dates ) gaurdhouse

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