High Quality Coins of King George V 1911-1936 at The Shopping Channel 510026

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This collection includes one example of every "type" of coin issued in Canada from the cent to the dollar and a gold sovereign, $5 and $10 gold coins issued during the reign of King George V. There are a total of 11 coins comprising the set. All of the coins are in superb condition, including three uncirculated gold coins. The coins come presented in two wood display cases.

Gold Coins
During the reign of King George V (1911-1936), the Royal Canadian Mint issued three different denominations of gold coins for circulation in Canada. These were the $5 and $10 gold coins issued from 1912 to 1914, and the one pound coin introduced during the reign of King Edward in 1908 and struck until 1919. The one pound coin was legal tender in both Canada and in the United Kingdom, with a value in Canada of four dollars.

This collection includes the following gold coins all in Uncirculated condition:
• Gold Sovereign – one coin dated from 1911-1919
• $5 Gold Coin 1912-1914
• $10 Gold Coin – one coin dated from 1912-1914

$5 and $10 gold coins – Dominion of Canada Coat-of-Arms / King George V
Sovereign – St. George Slaying the Dragon, "C" Mint Mark, King George V

At this time, the face value of coins was still very closely tied to the intrinsic value of the metal they contained, and paper money was still redeemable for silver and gold. All of these coins were struck in 22 karat gold. The $10 gold coin contains about half an ounce of pure gold, while the $5 gold coins and gold sovereign each contain close to a quarter ounce of pure gold. All of these coins have a low survival rate and are highly collectible today in high grade condition.

Additional Coins included in the collection (one of each within this time span):
• George V Silver Dollar – 1935-1936
• George V Silver Half Dollar 1911-1936
• George V Silver Quarter 1911-1936
• George V Silver Dime 1911-1936
• George V Five Cents Silver 1911-1921
• George V Five Cents Nickel 1922-1936
• George V Large Cent 1911-1920
• George V Small Cent 1920-1936

• High Quality Coins of King George V – 1911-1936 (11 Coins)

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  1. Yo tengo una moneda del 1934 la parte de atras tiene un barco como el de las conquistas de C. Colón. Y es de Africa. Me gustaría saber como la puedo vender.

  2. Hi, I have got a silver coin on the front of the coin it has a picture of the protea and it reads 3 pence and on the left side it reads South Africa and on the right side it reads Zuid Africa and on the other side it shows a king and it reads Georgivs V Rex Imperator 👍

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