Higher Value $760 World Coin Silver Grab Bag – RARER Crown Size & More From Curt Gammer

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I had a really fun search through $760 of mixed world silver coins purchased from Curt Gammer ( ) that made up the second part of a larger $1,260 purchase. I sent him that amount and asked for an equivalent wholesale value of mixed world silver (and a few other) coinage that I'll either keep or eventually sell through some of my sales on WhatNot, and felt like this was at least an interesting mix! Some of the crown size silver looks like it could be pretty valuable, which is great – I'll probably hang onto a good bit of this group to keep for my own collection.

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19 Comments on “Higher Value $760 World Coin Silver Grab Bag – RARER Crown Size & More From Curt Gammer”

  1. the Philippine pesos from 1903 to 1906 were the same size and silver content of 90% the same as Morgan dollars. from 1907 till 1912 the peso size and silver content was reduced to 80%

  2. Cool collection!!

    I don’t think your 1907-S Peso looks sea salvaged, but you should check out the story of the “Caballo Bay Pesos”, really neat history!

  3. Napoleons nephew became as Napoleon III emperor of France not his son the Duke of Reichstadt 1811 – 1832 aka “Napoleon II”

  4. Awesome purchases ! 6:07 was issued by the kingdom of Saxony to commemorate the centenary of what we call “Voelkerschlacht bei Leipzig” (Russia, Prussia, Austria against France) in 1913. A very common 3 M. piece, one million minted, retail value around fifty bucks. Greets from GER, U.

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  6. The Russian 5 Kopeks coin is a beauty.Iwas surprised at how heavy they are.Mine is dated 1766.It’s my oldest coin.

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