How Did I Do? $220 World Silver Coin & Medal Blitz Unboxing – Auction Win

Here was a brief auction buy that I figured I wanted to share (in the sense that I got some cool stuff but also wasn't sure if I had come out ahead or not) that I won from a Czech Republic auction house called Katz Auction. Definitely some neat pickups, and the history behind the items is fun, but could have overpaid. I apologize for the amount of "ums" I used in the video – I was nervous for some reason – but still wanted to show what I came up with!

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13 Comments on “How Did I Do? $220 World Silver Coin & Medal Blitz Unboxing – Auction Win”


  2. Sometimes you see a coin and it just speaks to you. Price at that point becomes more of a suggestion than a rule. I’ve overspent on a few coins for that reason.

  3. Definitely paid too much if you are looking to flip them , but with that said you should be able to recoup or come close to recouping your money, still a nice little lot

  4. A pretty nice purchase. 1:06 The mintmark “A” stands for Vienna, “B” means minted in Kremnitz. 220,- bucks seems to be a little bit pricey, my estimate would have been around 150,- $. Greets from GER, U.

  5. Hi, Christian! Not sure I would have paid $220 for this lot. A lot of the coins appear to have been cleaned. Interesting items, though.

  6. I’ll be going to Paris at the end of the year. Any suggestions as to coins to look for in shops there?

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