How Silver Stackers Will Be Misrepresented (Must Watch!!)

This video is about how silver stackers will be misrepresented in 2021. Silver stackers are typically a very patriotic group, there may be a drastic shift in this conventional idea. If you stack silver or gold coins, rounds, or bars, you should familiarize yourself with the dynamic shift addressed in this video. Stacking silver bullion is something about 1% of people, and typically very individualistic people, do. We are taking charge of our financial future.

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial adviser. This video is for entertainment purposes only. All viewers are responsible for their own purchases and investments. Nothing on this channel should be considered financial advice. Consult your own financial adviser if you wish and do your own due diligence.

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74 Comments on “How Silver Stackers Will Be Misrepresented (Must Watch!!)”

  1. Oh wow, I could easily see that happening. Unfortunately they will do anything to get what they want. Nice constitutional, I don’t think it’s junk.

    1. Thank you my friend! I don’t think it’s junk either. From my experience “Constitutional silver” is really a term that has more recently become more prevalent. All the old time stackers I know have referred to it as junk silver for years, so that is just kind of my environment showing. I do like what YouTube stackers have done to increase the appreciation for these coins by saying “Constitutional silver”, but I guess I just stick with the way I learned it. Thanks for watching!

  2. After serious consideration, I would part with the silver I have, provided I were compensated 2% compounded for the last 170+ years that the price has been suppressed. Rounded up, I figure around $5000.00 per ounce. But, if ‘they’ want to mess around and say that is un-patriotic, then the price is $10,000.00. Penalty for the insult.

    1. Very interesting how you reached that number @Silver-loving Lou, thanks for your comment! Thank you all for watching!

    2. @Silver Oceans I used average 20g Ag/solar panel, 300W/panel and I googled the annual production (1 billion oz), then simple math.

  3. If our country treated us well then people would be proud to be “Patriotic” and do our part, however you get what you give.

    1. I’m a proud and lucky US Air Force veteran but that does not mean the government sees me as a patriot bleed for America and you may not be patriotic

  4. If the government was as reasonable as stackers about spending money, I would feel a little guilty about not selling some of my stack to help out but the way they throw money away I feel obligated to keep as much as I can get my hands on. I purchased $1300 face junk @ between $14.12 and $14.53 (including premiums) a few years ago back when nobody wanted it. Never realized that it would be so sought after a few short years later.

    1. @Silver Oceans I am now. Back then silver was not very popular and it took a leap of faith to pull the trigger. Loved the show last night. The whispering allowed the clank and ring of silver to be the star of the show. You are now known as the silver whisperer. Thanks Ocean

    1. @Silver Oceans i think auto makers need to pull their heads out of their asses

      Look at any new car its got tons of superfluous junk compared to say an 81 f150

      If we can get auto makers to stop forcing hyper cadalacs with hundreds of computers

      And make things the market needs like a modern yugo then things should lwvel out

      Milenials and gen Z just cant afford 80k for a starting price

      Make a cheap POS we cab pay off in 1-2 years abd youll see more ecenomic groth and potential

    2. @sheparddog117 that’s a really good idea, and vehicles we can fix ourselves again. When it comes down to it, if there’s no other way, I’m sure we would return to that, albeit unlikely.

    3. @Silver Oceans i did hear of a Chinese mini pickup truck that has that humble low tech philosophy in its designs but unfortunately import tarifs and shipping etc would undermine its 7k price tag

    1. @William Iannucci I hear you, I’m also a metal detectorist by the way. I would only sell junk silver by FV. But I do like buying by weight. And I’ve heard your comment before. My take is I think some credence should be extended since it is a US minted coin. Now if it’s holed or so slick that you can’t even hardly tell what it is, then I can understand valuing it by weight. Now I should say you’re aligned with what I have come to realize is conventional thinking on this topic. My opinion isn’t necessarily the popular one. Thanks for sharing that!

    2. Reviewed physical silver trap video. Nice job on that piece. Its really important to remind viewers of the highlights mentioned there. Cheers

  5. I’ll bury and forget about any silver I have before I give it up to help the green new steal.

  6. Sounds familiar.
    Like when fdr needed it for the war effort.
    Jamie Diamond has over 300 million ounces. Go bother him first.

  7. They want it, then they can pay for it. I invest in what I think is best and I don’t give a DAMN what anyone thinks of me.

  8. The manufacturers can buy their Silver from the COMEX. They have tons of the stuff flowing back and forth according to their reports.

    1. @Silver Oceans There are many financial advisors who are talking about this. Check out stansberry research, kitco, Robert kiyosaki, Gregory mannarino are some of the people an organization’s you can check on that are talking about these issues.

    2. Yep on some days they trade 800 Million ounces in one day. Hmm thats the amount they pull out of the ground in one year.. Things that make you go..Hmmmm?

  9. I honestly could not care less if they call me unpatriotic. They can go out and get a real job. They have zero credibility.

  10. When the Government confiscated the gold in the early 1900’s they stated “be patriotic and turn all your gold in”.

    1. @Jack Frost! I didn’t realize that, that is a super interesting comment, I’ll need to look in to that. Thanks for letting me know and for watching!

    2. From what I recall reading and people telling me, the price of gold shot up considerably not long after those orders were put out, and with some complying turning it in. To me it’s akin to the majority of uses of imminent domain. They know the land is going to become more valuable. That’s the real reason they want it; no absolute necessity just a means to get it for cheap. Then they’ll justify use of imminent domain with the fact some percentage somewhere on the continent of land obtained through it is turned into a highway or a military base. Really it’s just going to the strip mall developers putting bribes political pockets. Same way, PM turn in orders would be for the interests of banks ect under thin guise of national patriotism.

    3. They bought back the gold fairly cheap and once gold was confiscated the price shot up ridiculously

    4. @BAJABOARD UK ESK8 It worked once!! They will do it again. Gold and Silvers price has been highly manipulated for a long time.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Getting what your efforts and savings are for is the idea, you really cut out the fat with that response, thanks I appreciated reading that.

  11. Will government mints continue producing coins while at the same time telling us to give up our stacks? Don’t make it if you don’t want us to have it.

    1. That’s a thought, perhaps in the future mintage figures may be reduced? Thanks for watching and commenting!

  12. If I had two pair of boots, I’d keep one for me and give one to the politburo.
    If I had two coats, I’d keep one for me and give one to the politburo.
    If I had two pieces of silver, I’d keep them both for me.
    Because I have two pieces of silver…

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