How To Sell Coins – Advanced Tips From @COINTABLEChrisTisdale From Coin Shops To Auction Companies

Whether you have no idea about coins and inherited something or are wondering about getting into advanced coin dealing and where people are selling coins, this video will explain the process from the perspective of an advanced coin dealer. Chris Tisdale weighs in on what types of coins should be sold where, the different places to sell coins, from Facebook groups to Etsy to eBay to Amazon to Great Collections to Heritage to Stacks Bowers. Definitely worth a listen and make sure to subscribe to Chris's YouTube channel right below.

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33 Comments on “How To Sell Coins – Advanced Tips From @COINTABLEChrisTisdale From Coin Shops To Auction Companies”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Very informative, learned the different between Great Collection and Heritage Auction. So metimes it is all in who you know can Seal the deal!!!!!

  2. Ok I heard the name Great Collections! I am new, but I do know that a lot of collectors are looking for the 1943 Brown penny not magnetized. What would be your first move?

  3. Great information. Thank you both. Really like these type of videos you put out. Glad both you and Chris are willing to share your knowledge

    1. I’m so frustrated . I have an inherited collection and some recent items I know have value . I submitted online . They refused every single piece . I feel like they didn’t take the time to look at them , just looked at a book and moved on

  4. As a buyer, Great Collections is fantastic for several reasons! First, weekly, they have more coins than Stacks/Heritage have monthly. Second, by far the best premiums. Third, they end their auctions on Sunday nights when most people are free, whereas Stacks does all of their collectors choice auctions during the workday and Heritage usually on weeknights.

  5. Fabulous video showcasing two young and highly intelligent up and comers in the field of Numismatics!

  6. I like how knowledgeable you are but humble at the same time. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and honestly I’ve learned a good deal from you. You have a new subscriber always excellent video.

  7. Good point: “Everything (coins) is negotiable”…however, to have that opportunity to “negotiate”, you have to be talking to a Decision Maker. Most ppl (at larger firms) are not “Decision Makers” and often will act as a block/gatekeeper. Thanks for the video: good stuff.

  8. With heritage auction. I personally was informed 6. If you didn’t purchase a coin from them. They wouldn’t be able to sell your coin. I sent them 20 pictures of some 20 22 dimes That would graded mint 69 at the very least. But I couldn’t get them to sell them for me. Once again they informed me. That if I didn’t purchase the coins from them. They wouldn’t sell them for me.

  9. One problem. I have is trying to find a coin shop that deals with regular coins. They seem to just want to deal with coins that are gold or silver only

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