14 Comments on “How To Store Your Coins In Your Collection!”

  1. the 2 by 2 cases I get are 3$ for 100 at a coin supply shop I go to and the pages I get are 65 cents each only!

  2. I think you’re right about being the last Canadian roll hunter still actively posting.

  3. You forgot to discuss a safe. Do you have a safe, or do you just risk someone breaking in and stealing all your coins?
    I like the plastic flips better than the cardboard protectors. If using the cardboard protectors, I would not staple so close to the coin. Staples rust.

    1. crazymatorscoins bailey didn’t see your comment until now ! Any specific denominations your interested in?

    2. Just thought we could work out setting would like to set up a set of Penny’s first and the maybe nickles and so forth let me now what you are thinking

    1. I prefer binders, 2×2’s and a box for mis. coins. Whatever keeps costs low and is easiest for you 🙂

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