Huge Risks: Cracking Out PCGS & NGC Coins + Resubmitting For Upgrades With Gary From WorldClassCoins

Before he submitted them to NGC, Gary from WorldClassCoins ( ) showed me a bunch of the coins that he had cracked out of NGC and PCGS holders and how he was approaching the crackout game. Remember, even though he took some pretty big risks, he only needed one or two to come back up big, and that's exactly what happened today… but had they not, he could have been out a bunch of money. So cool, and great perspective to have from a coin dealer on the channel! More similar videos will be released within the next few weeks – keep an eye out for it!

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7 Comments on “Huge Risks: Cracking Out PCGS & NGC Coins + Resubmitting For Upgrades With Gary From WorldClassCoins”

  1. Im considering submitting my great grandpa’s 1879 P Morgan. I’m thinking it’s about MS-63 or 64 but the sentimental value makes me want to put it in a sealed holder.
    I might include his Booker T half dollar too because the one he left me is very nicely toned

  2. Hey I got a coin it’s a 1966 quarter I think it’s aluminum its shorter and thinner then a normal quarter it only weighs 3.7 g I was just wondering if I need to send it off are if I would be wasting my money

  3. Good thing they will be sent “walk-thru” service. NGC charges only $30 for this service? Otherwise you’d be lucky to see those by early next year.
    Can’t wait to see the results.

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