HUGE Unsearched Coin Collection Unboxing & Appraisal

We took in a huge coin collection that a coin collector sold us in the store the other day, and I have a chance to search part of the previously unsearched section that we purchased. In this massive coin collection search, we found some really cool wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, V nickels, silver dimes, uncirculated wheat pennies, and semi key date coins in addition to some other surprises. I enjoyed this unboxing and loved finding the hidden treasure in the collection. Not to mention the different proof sets, uncirculated sets, and more! Watch the video to see all of the cool things and I included the coin collection's value at the end with an appraisal based off of a conservative (low) estimate.


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63 Comments on “HUGE Unsearched Coin Collection Unboxing & Appraisal”

  1. Good video; however, would you please stop referring to the 1943 penny as “zinc”? They are zinc coated STEEL pennies and they are the only penny a magnet will pick up. Thanks.

    1. Obizo GT he also calls most of the coins “junk” and “not worth anything” so he obviously just fixated on the money side of things. Very unprofessional

    2. @Ryan Walsh This is not unprofessional. This is very professional… He does not treat the commons as Double eagles. They are JUNK… Common… Run of the mill… That is why they are considered Junk. I would personally consider them “Commons.” But this does not make him unprofessional

    1. I spent a hour looking up the price total was 423 dollars the 26 s a is 62 dollar coin if it was a 1909 s vdb it would be worth in the 600s

    2. I think he tallied up the key date valuable coins at $920; plus the bulk coins at face value I never heard how much for those but probably in the range of $200 to $500.

      Your $100 offer is way too low!

  2. BRUHHHHHHHH I swear to god I was looking through my coin collection while watching this vid (in the background just for something to listen to) and as soon as I looked at my 2 cent piece I look at the date 1864, and I hear you say 1864 2 cent piece, look up at my monitor and see you holding a 1864 2 cent piece. How funny is that xD.

  3. You’re like “huh, whatever “ Rob Finds Treasure would be wetting his pants if he managed to find any of those coins

    1. He still loves the coin but you have to understand he is searching through 10,000 coins it can start to get repetitive

  4. I’ll give you double face value for all the coins you call worthless just because I love any older coin I don’t look at its value

    1. He’s the type of guy that’s definitely in it for the money side of the hobby and not the enjoyment I can definitely tell by his demeanor in most of his videos

    2. I agree it’s not just about value. I’ve got alot of high grade and key date coins but I treat my common and worn coins just as precious. Coin collecting is more about the history than the value

  5. You seem to be very interested in the money, saying how most of those coins are “junk” and “worthless” I mean they’re still worth more than face value and definitely more to someone who appreciates that kind of stuff. Bummer man.

    1. Daniel Hughes …..yeah, its a real bummer when someone needs to actually turn a profit that justifies being in business for you and I to have a place to go and see coins and have access to such locally. Its expensive to have a retail space, utilities, insurance etc
      Just to make sure we are clear, I am not in any type of coin related business. I am however a business owner and it seems that many have no idea of the cost and time to turn a profit in order to make a living.

    2. @Jay- Rus In my opinion, i’m a 14 year old collector and I have been collecting for 7 years now. I purchased over 7 collections and each time I purchase I see my run of the mill World coins and banknotes. I consider them also as junk because they do not hold a premium, and I see them a lot.

  6. Interesting…i guess this collection has more sentimental value. Be nice to the coins 😉 some good info 🙂 GL &HH

  7. He seems so uninterested 🥺 I would love love LOVE to get my hands on these goodies, whether they are worth a lot of money or not. But, I do understand that this is your job and the common coins we love are not worth much to a business…

    1. I mean…. Wouldn’t you get bored of seeing the same coins if you spend hours going trought thousands of pretty much all the same coins? Counting and valuating them for your boss all the while. The comments here a too harsh I think. This 37minutes video for us was probably for him what, 5-6 hours? I would get discouraged after 3 hours straight without super “exciting” finds. A lot of commenter say he his “only here for the monney”, but you can see on his other video he his not…. This one is literaly him filming his job.

    2. @Benoit Labrecque I said I understood that the common coins are not worth much for the business and that it’s his job so

    3. @Potatoes VEVO yeay, I knoe sorry… I was kindoff getting a bit frustrated with all the comments calling him names pratically and you seemed to understand him more so I answered to you… Sorry for the size of the comment, I was venting a bit :/ I don’t understand why so many people expected him to be overjoyed about every single one of the 5000 weat pennies in this sitting…..

    4. @Benoit Labrecque yeah I don’t think he’s in it for profit. I know he loves coins and that everyone can get bored and tired of doing something some days, even if it’s something they love. I was just so excited about every one because I don’t see a lot of old coins on the daily, even if they’re just wheat pennies. Lol

    5. @Benoit Labrecque i think he is just more objective and to the point in this video than most of us expected.

  8. I’ll say it – you’re very monotone. You’ve certainly improved from this collection search.

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