HUGE Unsearched Coin Collection Unboxing & Appraisal

Elegant Coin Display Boxes

We took in a huge coin collection that a coin collector sold us in the store the other day, and I have a chance to search the previously unsearched section that we purchased. In this massive coin collection search, we found some really cool wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, V nickels, silver dimes, uncirculated wheat pennies, and semi key date coins in addition to some other surprises. I enjoyed this unboxing and loved finding the hidden treasure in the collection. Not to mention the different proof sets, uncirculated sets, and more! Watch the video to see all of the cool things and I included the coin collection's value at the end with an appraisal based off of a conservative (low) estimate.

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2019 Redbook:
2019 Bluebook:

Coins Magnifying Glass:
Cointainer Wrappers:

Classic Head Half Cent:
Braided Hair Large Cent:
Indian Head Cent Collection (x10):
2 Cent Coin:
3 Cent Coin:
Shield Nickel:
Liberty Head Nickel Collection (x7):
Seated Dime:
Standing Liberty:
Barber Half Dollar:
Morgan Dollar:
American Silver Eagle:

World Coin Grab Bag:

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