Huge World Currency Grab Bag Unboxing – Crazy Variety of Countries & A Few Valuable Ones Too!!

Enjoyed doing an unboxing of world currency that I purchased off of a good friend of mine who previously has sold me a variety of world coin and currency items as well as sent me some very cool coins. This bag had a mix of notes, with some being relatively rare while some others were classic demonetized world currency – but there were a ton of new notes and definitely a few countries I had not previously owned.


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14 Comments on “Huge World Currency Grab Bag Unboxing – Crazy Variety of Countries & A Few Valuable Ones Too!!”

  1. Really cool seeing all the different designs, equally interesting how many of the fiat currencies have been revalued or inflated away too

  2. I remember those one peso Dominican Republic notes when I visited the country on vacation with my family in the early 90s. They were being phased out at the time, with gold colored one peso coins also being used. I think it was worth about 10 cents US back then and probably very little now.

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