Hunting $1,000 in Half Dollars – CRAZY Boxes!

My other bank ordered me 2 boxes of half dollars for this week and let me tell you… They were some CRAZY boxes! I managed to score silver, (including a first one of a kind for me), as well as… well, just watch the video to see what I found!

In this video, I will share all of my finds with you including all of the Silvers, the NIFC's and even a CRAZY amount of a specific year of coins!

I decided to not set up the camera and record each and every roll this hunt to save time on editing so I could get this video out to you all in less than 30 minutes… I hope you don't mind and still share in my excitement as we found more SILVER!

Do you only search for silver or do you also check for proofs, errors and low mintage years?

How many silver half dollars do you average in a box? Do you mostly see 40% silver or 90% silver? What's your BEST find in a box of halves?

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32 Comments on “Hunting $1,000 in Half Dollars – CRAZY Boxes!”

  1. The video is a little longer than normal (apologies) but there was only so much I could edit out to give you the effect that I felt during this 2 box hunt! Thanks for watching!

    1. This video is too long for me to watch right now, will have to wait till morning, 😂 jk, I am sure it’s a great video, but won’t find out till then. ✌

    2. Man I’ve been finding the same amount of 1993’s in boxes I get my boxes from Roanoke on the otherside of fort worth from you. Must be a 93 stockpile dump or something

  2. Got $7.50 in machine wrapped pennies today and got a 1876 indian head penny, 1918-d wheatie, and a 1972 DDO 3 in pretty good condition! Best penny hunt i have had!

    1. DSB Edits post your findings on coin group of Minnesota Facebook I would love to see them

    2. My grandfather had 50 sacks of Indian Head pennies stored in his attic. When he died, my grandmother cleaned out the attic and found the pennies. She only had a 7th grade education and had no clue what she found. She sold all the pennies at face value

  3. Incredible that both those boxes had so many 93Ds. If you’re not in a hurry to return them, you might see if you can sell rolls on eBay. It’s worth a try.

  4. I actually recently got 3 boxes of pennies from my bank. all 3 of them had a bunch of 1960 uncirculated pennies and about 1/3 of them had crazy toning. very strange

  5. With the last few half dollar boxes you have been finding a ridiculous amount of silver! Good show!

  6. Well Rob, you did get some nice finds. As for the 93’s I would pick out a roll of really nice ones and send the rest back to the dump bank. All in all a great two boxes. Thanks for sharing. No apologies needed, my friend.

  7. Really interesting hunt, can’t whine, SILVER!! Saw the thumbnail and knew this would be good

  8. Nice hunt. I guess you are partying like it’s 1993 🤣. Great finds buddy. I will take boxes like these any time

  9. All those 93s were crazy – haven’t seen anything like that before, where there are so many from the same year. Congrats on the silver!

  10. Man! I didn’t realize there were silver clad 76’s… Or maybe I forgot. Makes hunts a little harder lol. Those were some crazy boxes you had! I lucked up last week and got twelve 40% and 1 90% out of just 5 rolls! There were 7 in just one roll!

  11. I’ve always noticed that the ‘93s were almost uncirculated, I always get a lot of them, I also get very similar boxes. Anywho good hunt!

  12. How do you get your own channel on YouTube. I love your show and it’s such a cool thing to do to help yourself learn more about studying your craft. Thanks for the info and hope blessings for you and you family Rob. Sincerely Jp

  13. You are walking the walk and talking the talk that I want to hear the most of. And so I subscribed. Thank you!

  14. I really like the half dollar videos because as somebody who knows nothing about coins or coin collecting half dollars seem to be the simplest to understand. It’s silver or it isn’t.

    This isn’t to say I don’t still watch all the quarter, nickle, dime, and penny videos even though I don’t understand what’s happening.

  15. 1:51 My eye is always drawn to the Bicentennial enders.
    6:10 Bicentennial collection dump? XD
    14:05 Okay, I am drooling over that Silver-clad Bicentennial. I’ll take it, too! lol
    20:10 What did you end up doing with all those sweet 93s?
    Despite the frustration, you got a nice little silver haul there.

  16. The reason why the 1976 S was in such great shape is because it came in a special set, along with a .400 Dollar and a .400 Quarter. They came in proof and uncirculated. Somebody must’ve gotten into daddy’s collection, busted it out of the celo, and then spent it.

  17. Looks like you got half of what was minted total in 93 😄. Great search. I didnt know they had a silver bicentennial. I know quarters do, but didnt know about the halves. Cool.

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