I Bought A Coin Dealer’s $100 Bag Of World Coins – How Did I Do??

Had a fun time buying and searching through a bunch of world coins that I acquired through John, a friend and vest-pocket coin dealer who often saves his world coin purchases for me. See how we did today – did I get a good mix of foreign coinage, or was it a bad showing?? I'd say based off of poundage alone, we made off fine, but there were some really neat things we picked up along the way. And is the Chinese coin we acquired something rare? Or fake? Let me know your thoughts!


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13 Comments on “I Bought A Coin Dealer’s $100 Bag Of World Coins – How Did I Do??”

  1. Sign me up.I’m all in.Great collection of coins.Lot of different countries and denominations.They have to be at least 10 pounds.

  2. Stacks just had an AMAZING auction of rare Chinese coins.

    Also I have a fake 1796 Dollar 😉 sold as a fake. Fakes are fine as long as you know.

  3. Nice purchase, Christian ! The German 2 DM 1951 is a better one, worth around twenty bucks. Greets from GER, U.

  4. Hey Christian, another great video. That 100 yen coin is 60% silver though, and that 2DM coin is also worth a lot more than just face value!

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