I Found The WORLDS most RARE PENNY! #shorts

Shalom bbys it’s Piper Rockelle! In this youtuber shorts I found the worlds most rare penny. #shorts #rare #penny #piperrockelle shorts

Piper Rockelle – Yesterday (Official Music Video) **EMOTIONAL** 🎸

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65 Comments on “I Found The WORLDS most RARE PENNY! #shorts”

  1. Damn I had a 1943 silver penny when I was in 7th grade but I lost it trying to show my history teacher 😭

  2. Piper: “That means I’m gonna be rich!”

    Everyone: ur not rich already? Bro what?

  3. “im gonna be RICH!!” bro she’s already rich, probably worth more than that single penny

    1. Okay what if she is? You don’t have to kill her dreams maybe she not rich, maybe she has a lot of money to at least afford a house,remember her mum lives with her maybe that money can go to donations!! You never knowww

    1. Yup. 1964 ones are worth more than 1800 ones. I did a thing and looked up a lot of values

    2. YES something I’m good at pretty much since sooooooooo many penny’s were made the value of them will be lower, for example I have penny’s called new penny’s and they were made the first time penny’s were made, 19 something hundred new penny’s are the rarest I believe 😂😂😂😂

  4. I love how piper is talking bout her pennys bc I’m from Australia meaning we have different coins Yh, I was just going through thousands of 5 n 10 cent couns😂

  5. You know how rich she is when she isn’t that excited about having a penny worth half a million dollars..

    1. She didn’t, she said a 1944 penny is worth that much, and she had a penny from 1942, she also said a 1943 is a quarter million, so a 1942 is probably worth less

  6. A 1942 no-mint mark wheat penny is usually worth between $0.02 and $1, depending on the coin’s condition and grade. But Proof coins were struck in Philadelphia, which means all the Proof coins have no mint marks. This significantly increases the value of some no-mint mark coins if you can find a Proof coin.

  7. I’m pretty sure that it means that pennies are still gonna be made, but the mint on them or change Oracle stop being added or the ones with meant will stop being made I don’t know though

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