I Hunted A Coin Collection Stored In A Glass Teddy Bear: Results (Silver, Circulating $$, More)

I hunted a huge collection of relatively modern world coins and currency notes that has been stored in a Teddy Bear shaped glass jar, presumably for at least a decade! And came away with a mix of silver, circulating value, and other neat coins. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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15 Comments on “I Hunted A Coin Collection Stored In A Glass Teddy Bear: Results (Silver, Circulating $$, More)”

  1. Americans are so spoiled. Our money has never been demonetized (except for trade dollars and one gold certificate). With other countries you always have to check to see if their money is still good. You can still spend a dollar printed during the Civil War (but you would be foolish if you did). Anyway, some interesting finds!

  2. We had a vintage piggy bank at work, which had NO way to get the money out! It rattled, we shined a torch in the top… aaaand modern pennies. Bleegh.

    + I’ve spent a collective 4 months in mainland China – and I’ve not seen some of those notes! Definitely a little collectors value there.

  3. Wondering if you can help me out names Frank Wagner I’ve got this wheat penny collection and it down and I have a 1909 that’s in great shape that has the btb at the bottom wondering what I should do with it if I should get it graded and is it true that it’s worth a lot of money cuz I see stories going this way and that way sincerely prank

  4. Good night thank you vídeo list coins of alfabeth country more vídeos details, A of Z thank you good night

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