I Opened My Grandmother’s Coin Collection | इसे कहते हैं खजाना🤭 | Very Rare

Hello guys, is video me maine apni Dadiji ke coin collection ko khola hai jo ki 8 years se rakha hua tha.

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    1. “जिंदगी ऐसे जियो कि खुद को पसंद आ जाए, दुनिया वालों की पसंद तो पल भर में बदलती है।”

  1. My grandfather have a ton of such coins……his name is registered in limca world record for collection of British coins😁😁😁

  2. Bhai, I subscribed just now to your channel, I am having all the above coins and I have even older coins even old notes .
    Felt very good after seeing this video 🙂

  3. I found that same stone coin in my grandfather’s collections (8:23). This coins are real gem, its very costly and rare now a days.

    1. @Amit gamit I am not pretty sure about this but if it’s oldest coin than it would be of “Indian Punched mark Karshapana coins – range from 1000 BCE to 500 BCE” and if it not extremely old than it would be of “Maratha Empir – 1674”.

  4. Bro, as a passionate currency collecter, firstly I enjoyed this video very much. That 2 pence coin is used in UK and the other coin of year 1888 was minted when HM Queen Victoria was ruling over India, so it was British Indian coin and also very very rare coin because you won’t find the coins which were minted during Queen Victoria’s rule. Bro, the coin you showed in 3:56, is of Iraq of 10 fils of years written 2975-2795. So, keep all these coins and notes safe as their value is very much in market…Thank you for entertaining us and sharing this invaluable information with us and also I am having 80% of coins you showed in this video….😀😀

    1. Ah I can see a passionate coin collecter, looks like ya have a lot of information about them! Thanks btw i was wondering tho!

    2. I also have this coin…but I want to sell it ….and another problem is I don’t know a better plateform to sell

  5. I think that this collection belongs to quite old era and it is really amazing. I like it very much. My grandparents might have a similar collection of old coins i will surely ask them about it. One thing i must tell you is i am your great fan i love watching your videos….keep it going !🤩🤩🤩

  6. That word isn’t Hindi brother it’s called Devanagari Alphabet of Nepali language In English alphabet there’s A-Z and In Nepali Devanagari we have क-ज्ञ
    Hindi and Nepali alphabet does looks like same but we call Devanagari in our Language so that wasn’t a hindi that’s Devanagari And the alphabet of Nepalis and
    Shree Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Was Our Late King Of Nepal 💗

  7. Omg bro I have pretty much exactly the same coins including the fat loha coin. It is a coin from the Mughal era.

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