I Ordered $850 In Rare Coins And Banknotes: Unboxing My Coin Collecting Purchase

Had fun opening up a larger rare coin unboxing that I recently got in from a wholesaler. I try to provide liquidity to coin collecting businesses and coin wholesalers, and they often send me some solid deals with a mix of material they might have on hand. This was no exception! I got a bunch of neat items in that I'm excited to have received, and like to look through for good coins to put in my grab bags, auctions, sales, and other coin dealing listings. How did you think I did? Will I be able to break even?


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19 Comments on “I Ordered $850 In Rare Coins And Banknotes: Unboxing My Coin Collecting Purchase”

  1. É uma pena, tentei ativar a legenda para o Português Brasil, mas não deu certo.🇧🇷.
    It’s a pity, I tried to activate the subtitles for Brazilian Portuguese, but it didn’t work.

  2. hopefully you can send this junk back and use the $800+ for some quality coins. people sell grab bags to get rid of stuff they normally can’t sell. would never waste my time or money on any of them.

  3. The battle of Hampton roads in Virginia had the skirmish between the Merrimack and the Monitor which were both Ironclads. Both ships couldn’t effectively penetrate the others armor so the battle ended in a draw.

  4. Very nice purchases, Christian ! I like especially the CSA notes and the Civil war Tokens. Interesting to see that the Confederate States didn´t just pay interest on their bonds, but also on their currency. Greets from GER, U.


  6. Dennis the Menace found Confederate bills in his great grand pa’s old civil war jacket.

    Dennis and the Fishing Rod (S02E24 3/19/1961) – Dennis wants to buy a fishing rod for his father and tries to purchase it with a $50.00 Confederate bill he had found in a ragged ancestral uniform his grandmother lent him. Mr. Wilson has Jerry Richman (Stanley Adams), who is a coin collector, over to his house. Dennis comes over and when Mr. Wilson is out of the room, Jerry offers Dennis $5 for the Confederate bill. When Mr. Wilson finds out what happened, he shames Jerry into giving Dennis the bill back. Mr. Wilson then gives Dennis what the bill is really worth.

  7. $850 for that worthless crap If you can make that $850 back and extra that be good. But I don’t see that happening for you

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