I Spent $600 On A Swedish Coin Collection – Rare Silver & Old Copper Coinage

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I had a really fun time unboxing a Swedish coin collection that I purchased as three groups of coins – the total cost came out to exactly $600. I discovered a cool mix of material, from uncirculated-looking silver to chunky older copper. I think the results were great – what a neat mix of items. But how did you think I did? And if you have any additional information on the coins at hand, I'd definitely be interested in your thoughts!

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14 Comments on “I Spent $600 On A Swedish Coin Collection – Rare Silver & Old Copper Coinage”

  1. Awesome assortment of Swedish and Baltic coins. 12:15 Schilling from the city of Riga under Sigismund III., King of Poland. 13:20 Mo(neta) Nova Revali (New coin from the city of Reval). Great stuff and worth every penny ! Greets from GER, U.

  2. I recently ordered some Swedish silver, should be in any day. Nice coins and video. Some nice age and condition on them. Very cool.

  3. Loved the soldier portrate coin. Really enjoy the coppers but I find that few collectors value them. The Silver Stackers seems to dominate the coin world.

  4. I’d be very pleased to purchase that wonderful assortment of early coinage for such a low low price…in my humble opinion 😉
    Thanks for sharing…love your videos 😎

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