I Unboxed A $60 Mystery Coin Bag: Rare & Older Coins (Learning A Lesson)

Let's see how I do on this grab bag of United States and World Coins that I purchased for $60 from an Instagram seller, GammerCoin ( ) – let me know how you think I did! We learned some cool lessons – one big takeaway is that you can buy some really affordable coins if they have problems, such as holes, mounts, or other things of that sort, but it will probably be tough to move them in the future. Still, an interesting batch that I really enjoyed dealing with.

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9 Comments on “I Unboxed A $60 Mystery Coin Bag: Rare & Older Coins (Learning A Lesson)”

  1. Nice items. 5:19 Germany, Prussia 1913, 2 Mark, Centenary of the Liberation War against Napoleon. Inscription: Der Koenig rief, und alle, alle kamen /The king called, and all came). One of the most common commemorative coins of the German Empire. Value around 20 bucks. 7:30 Prussia, Coronation Taler 1861. WR = Wilhelmus Rex, AR = Augusta Regina (his wife). Nice and very popular Taler, worth in this condition around 20 bucks. Greets from GER, U.

    1. Thank you very much for that helpful perspective! Always fun to uncover history and neat coins.

  2. Probably could have grabbed those coins in that condition from many coin shops or shows for roughly $45 or so. Not a one is problem free. Absolutely culls.

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