Incredible $50,000+ World Coin Bank Box Unboxing: Found After 70 Years: Thaler City – Part 1

This is the highest value collection I have had the honor of personally representing – especially once I realized what was on hand after the culmination of this video. This lock box of coins was presented to me by someone who was concerned that a similar box had been sold by a relative for about $800. I took a quick look and told them how excited I was to help divest the material. I went through the coins on the left side of the box, scouring for any interesting rarities and making note of what I didn't know as much about. The next two parts of this video will come out next Saturday and the Saturday after.

Part 2 (Releases 8/12):

Part 3 (Releases 8/19):

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20 Comments on “Incredible $50,000+ World Coin Bank Box Unboxing: Found After 70 Years: Thaler City – Part 1”

  1. Pretty nice assortment of Guldens, Thalers and Marks in stunning conditions with paper patina ! Brunswick- Lueneburg as well as Saxony minted a lot of silver coins because they got a couple of mines in their mountain regions. Thanks for sharing these gems with us, Christian ! Greets from GER, U.

  2. If I heard you correctly, I thought you said the other box was sold for $800. If so, Iwish that someone like you had been able to evaluate and dispose of the other box. That aside, will you conserve some of the coins showing PVC residue and corrosion with acetone to stop further damage?

  3. If it were me I would contact a reputable Auction House in Germany to dispose of the European coins. Chances are you would never realize the maximum value if the coins were sold in the US. In my experience, most coin dealers in the US will heavily discount foreign coins in both buying and selling. This isn’t to say that US coin dealers are unethical; there’s just not the demand in the US for foreign coins.

  4. Wow that’s great – some nice looking coins and they look like they are in suer nice condition – guess this will keep you busy for a week or two. Hhat platform will you be selling these on. – Best wishes with this

  5. Stop handling the coins like that!!! Youre going to get fingerprints on every single coin, very annoying. You shouldn’t be handling these kinds of coins.

  6. I’ve been collecting crown sized/thaler coins for a few years now… love content like this. The German Thalers always have beautiful heraldry

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