Incredible + Rare Ancient Coinage Show & Tell With Ancients Dealer Colby Abele (@valley_coins)

I really don’t know much about ancient coins, so I got in touch with someone who I know does at Witter Coin U – Colby Abele ( ). We picked out 5 significant ancients that Colby owns and went over each one of them in depth for a very informative video unlike any I’ve ever done. Hope you enjoy this video and spotlight – what a cool group of coins!


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16 Comments on “Incredible + Rare Ancient Coinage Show & Tell With Ancients Dealer Colby Abele (@valley_coins)”

  1. If I got one of these I’d swear it was fake ..I know but I really would if I kept it it would be because I liked the look but otherwise Id think fake


  3. Very interesting and informative vid about ancient Greek, Roman and Persian coins, thanks for sharing ! A lot of them are quite affordable, but: there are also tons of counterfeits on the international markets. So it´s necessary to get some experience and knowledge before buying the more valuable items. Greets from GER, U.

  4. Interesante vídeo y impresionante monedas felicitaciones amigo gracias por compartir un abrazo buenas tardes 👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👍👌👌😊

  5. I love your videos about old and world coins. Info is very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for your visitor.

  6. Next to medals………ancients are one of my favorite areas of appreciation in the world of exonumia / coin collecting

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