Inherited Coin Collection – What to Do? What’s it Worth?

My friend inherited a coin collection, but has no idea what its worth or what to do with it. In this video, I'll give him my best advice. At the end of the video, he even throws me a little curve ball. Those who inherit a coin collection and find themselves in the same situation may benefit from watching this video. I'm not a professional numismatist, but I do know enough to steer my friend in the right direction. I hope this video helps a few people. As always, thanks for watching!

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42 Comments on “Inherited Coin Collection – What to Do? What’s it Worth?”

  1. This was so cool! I came in late so I had to back the premier up and start from the beginning but this was a cool video. The baseball cards at end was a nice surprise and brought back memories of my childhood. I’m 35 so I collected at log cards In the 90s, I ended up losing my whole collection in a move about 10 years ago tho

  2. Very nice assortment of coins, and quite easy to evaluate. Nearly all clad coins = more or less face value, most of the constitutional silver coins = Face value x 20. The V- nickel is old, but only worth a lot in better condition. Thanks for sharing ! Saludos desde Alemania, U.

  3. Great video T🥈🇲🇽🥇dalm his mom had tuns of coins very nice stuff specially the 90% silver hope he holds on to them.. great video enjoyed it very educational

  4. Interesting video. It’s a shame he didn’t have more 90% silver in the bag but still has a little value. I hated those Presidential dollars with the mint marks and dates on the rim of the coins.

  5. Hi T, thanks for sharing another great video, I went through a similar situation with receiving a coin collection from my grandmother when she passed. Take care my friend have a great week.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure it happens all the time and people don’t have a clue as to what they have.

  6. I really enjoyed this video T . I laughed hard when your friend asked you if the economy affects the price of silver 😂

  7. I like you T was a avid baseball/sports card collector and even ran a small shop as a teenager. I would love to see what you have. I do have some slabbed cards but bins and bins of cards with stars in poly sleeves and top loaders. As a kid trading like you mint to me wasn’t a PSA 10.

    1. Multiple guys have said they want to see my sports cards. I think I’ll show them off in the weeks to come. Thanks!

  8. Very nice of you to pass on some stacker knowledge. Hopefully he’ll find some nice examples in that bag.

  9. Fun video T! It was fun watching you open the pack of cards. Gave me memories of the excitement I used to have.

  10. Low mintages don’t necessarily result in higher values, especially if the survival rate is high. A good example is with many proof coins. Population and condition rarity are much better indicators of value. General numismatic interest plays a part as well. Morgan Dollars are very popular, even among non-collectors, so many of their values are fairly high relative to their lack of rarity. Some series of coins are so rare and relatively expensive that they are actually undervalued relative to their rarity because the barrier to entry is so high (it’s really hard to start collecting them because even the cheapest examples are fairly pricey). Good examples are Liberty Seated Dollars and Gobrecht Dollars. The prices of many of these have been pretty flat for years.

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