18 Comments on “Inherititing a Coin Collection – US Coins”

  1. Hello, I have a different quarter dollar error mint, with two colors that you see in my channel on YouTube

  2. I have a strange 1953 penny that is plated with silver coloring, I don’t know if it is steel or what, and it is semi-magnetic, does anyone know anything about that penny?.

  3. my valuable coins I have literally buried no one will get them it will be like Jesse James’s treasure Sunday

  4. I have inherited my grandmother’s collection.  The collection consist of US and Canadian coins and paper currency. The majority of the coins are from the 20th century.  A lot of the coins are lowball circulated, while others are in very good condition.  I’m afraid I don’t know much about the Coin Collecting Hobby.  But what I think would like to do is trade/sell duplicate items for items that I don’t have.  With the long-term goal of slowly increasing the collection’s quality and value so that by the time of my death, my daughter, who is currently 2, will have a nice collection to inherit.

    Thanks for the videos.

  5. I have an error coin that is a proff set could i get <$100 for it? I have goten it checked out it is an error

  6. crazy how you go to eBay or Amazon and you see these coins that are worth a lot of money and for some reason they’re going for 15 and $20 and they have the case and certification like how does that happen

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