Normally my half pound world searches end up unveiling some neat items that I might not have previously seen, whether that was silver, new designs, valuable rarities, or older copper (no gold yet!), but this one really blew me away. Isaiah managed to buy it for a not-too-expensive price as unsearched from a dealer, and safe to see we will be going back to try to buy some more (if they have it)! This has to have been one of my most enjoyable hunts in a long time – what was your favorite coin?

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  1. Nice assortment of old and new world coinage. 10:44 “24 einen Thaler/ FR” is a Groschen from the Kingdom of Prussia, minted in 1786 which was the year when King Frederic the Great passed away.

  2. I am surprised that the wholesaler does not pull out the silver coins. Most of the non-silver world coins cost very little because there is little interest. It would be like leaving in gold coins in a chest of junk silver.

  3. 3:59 looks like a Nova Constellatio piece from the 1780s. They were minted in Birmingham, but circulated in New York before the first mint opened in Philadelphia. Definitely in rough condition, but still a great piece of history. It does look similar to the radiant sun design on Argentine coins, but the obverse here is the All Seeing Eye.

    14:06 is another post-colonial copper from Connecticut from about the same time as the Nova Constellatio. I guess whoever you bought this from broke apart a collection from a collector of colonial coppers.

  4. A few unc and proof coins.(and silver) Not a bad purchase! You are possible in for a nice profit…(depends on what you paid…)

  5. I have several random world coins with rounded/bumpy edges that feel like they weigh almost nothing (e.g., Bhutan 10 chetrums, Israeli 1 agora). Also some regular round coins that seem to be made of the same ultra lightweight stuff (e.g., 1974 Nicaraguan 10 5 centavos). I saw at least one similar coin in your lot. Any idea what metal those are made of?

  6. Interesting lot, Christian! Didn’t spot any great rareities, but love that 1861 New Brunswick penny!

  7. That Nova Constellatio is a nice coin, worth around $50. Not sure how much the whole lot costed but there’s definitely some nicer copper in there.

    1. Nuestro gobierno está poniendo a tantas familias en situaciones difíciles, usted me ha ayudado mucho a mí y a mi familia, Sra. Stacey Meredith, imagínese invertir $ 1,000 y recibir $ 10,200 en solo unos días

  8. I also want to eventually work with coins. Turn your passion into what you love to do…er, something like that. Just like you did.

  9. Hello from Russia 12:03 Денежка 1852 года, a simple copper coin, although the condition is not bad. I collect coins of the USSR and the Russian Empire, there are a lot of interesting things, but in such bags with a full set of small things from all countries, there is rarely something good. But I wish you good luck in your search and come visit if you are interested in seeing new Russian banknotes and coins.

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