25 Comments on “INSANE Vintage Gold Coin and Bullion Collection”

  1. Sometimes good intentions turns into crooked people. I just go by the charges imposed on him. But he had a good idea that for some reason went sour. These coins would be good to have…

  2. Cool back story. Gold has been the focus for this year. Know eventually I’ll win one of the auctions. Those 82-84 CC Morgans are awesome too. Don’t see them in the packages like that, usually they’re slabbed or raw.

    1. Vacationtime247 hey bro . I’ve been trying to win an action over here for 3 weeks nothing yet 😂 good to see you good luck

    2. @Savage Stacker Good to see you here man! Hopefully sooner than later we’ll win one of these auctions.

    1. Couldn’t say for sure but it’s the first time seeing a few of them for me. Don’t pop up too often especially the ones with the original cases but I’m not aware of exact mintages

  3. Top Notch Stuff. Many Austrian Economists we all read. Any piece would be a joy to have. It would be nice if they made an Ayn Rand coin. Great job Rob!

  4. Absolutely an amazing collection thanks for the background on them . Still trying to win an auction. I’m sure the more popular the auction gets the harder it will be .
    Love the sight looks great very intuitive and easy to navigate. I can tell you put a lot of time and energy into making it perfect. Thanks

  5. An interesting collection of gold coins😮 I prefer gold coins that have an ancient history to it that adds more to the value🤑💰

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