Is Silver Stacking A Complete Sham? WHY You Should Stack Intelligently

Is silver stacking a sham propagated by the companies that profit off of it? This is mostly just a mini thought experiment video, but I would stack intelligently in a way that purely maximizes your silver oz count as opposed to feeding into high premium items or ones that are really marketed to stackers as opposed to being created with the intent of storing silver in a low-cost, low-premium and effective method. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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27 Comments on “Is Silver Stacking A Complete Sham? WHY You Should Stack Intelligently”

  1. I stack because I learn I can use it as a loan . If I ever in need of fast cash I just go to my coin shop and pawn it . Better then a pay day loan because I don’t have to pay it back for 4 months .

  2. AMARK pretty much controls all the silver, I don’t think people really understand the monopoly.

    What people definitely don’t understand is premiums and how the only way to get them back is by the price rising. Paying 50% over spot is going very long and I often wonder about the people I sold silver to at $44 and what they think of that investment.

    You gotta be careful out there….

    1. @gargener earth guy it depends specifically what they bought. I’d say $44 of silver is better than $44 dollars in cable television. People were saying the same when silver was $10 and ounce. I wouldn’t worry about others just live your own life man. Good luck

  3. Rises every 30 yes or so for a very short time . Maybe ok if you’re in your 30s with lots of time left.

  4. In 2020 I started buying selectively, and that has kept me in a good position and not over spending on premiums.

  5. I’ve been reading “The Bitcoin Standard” and it talks about silver how it has a low stock to flow ratio relative to gold & Bitcoin. They mine so much silver each year relative to supply & is a large reason of why prices didn’t even get close to the 2011 highs even with record stimulus & inflation. Bitcoin will be much better store of value for years to come instead of bullion.

  6. You not liking these forms of silver is really just a problem on your side. As long as there are enough people that believe that silver has some worth it does not really matter what you think. You would have a point if you were warning about high premiums and how it could take 20 years until you could unload again with a reasonable gain. However, as a coin dealer you are the master of high premiums, charging thousands for some coins in good condition. What do you think will happen when the boomers are dead and the newer generations are used to pay everything with their phone? How is the stamp business doing?

  7. I but any national mint coins, all legal tender of their respective countries. They are beautiful and recognizable. I hope they increase in value, they certainly are fun to stack.

  8. Hi , I have no idea what your point is? Stacking Bullion is not associated with government money , it is the value of the silver that can be sold and resold or sent bro the melt?

  9. get rid of this silver and buy yourself some classic coins you enjoy and will have some long-term investment value. the only people making out on this stuff is big companies who sell in bulk. stacking is a losing investment for the little guy. if you think silver will go to $100 an ounce, I have a bridge i would like to sell you!

  10. Stacking silver has helped me save my wealth far better than any method I’ve ever used.

  11. Another channel recently did a video comparing the average housing values in 1950 and today to ounces of gold, and in both years it’s approximately 210 ounces of gold. I just compared the same housing prices to ounces of silver, and an average house in 1950 equaled roughly 10,069 ounces of silver, whereas today it equals 18,854 ounces of silver. Silver should be stacked primarily as part of a prepping strategy in my opinion (90%, as you suggested). Today’s premiums will make it nearly impossible to sell for short-term gains down the road under the current monetary system.

  12. The silver companies do not have our best interest in mind. They pray on emotions and FOMO. They sell a coin at $13.00 over spot and buy it back at +$1-2 over spot. The only way to win this game is to buy recognized minted silver and hold it for a long long time. Then when you sell you have to hustle and find a price you will take. People need to realize this! I believe a lot of new silver investors do not realize this. It’s not easy like pressing sell on the computer. And never will be.

  13. Some of what you have is fun, I buy from well known dealers and silver I can sell easily. Thanks for the video.

  14. It largely depends on price
    A lot of the sellers especially ones on YouTube are participating in a sham. They constantly mention $50 silver and huge demands from India and China
    When I was piling up bars and rounds for $15-$17 an ounce and paying $1 oz premiums in 2019 I sure didn’t feel it was a sham

  15. Now with the recent economy. To get Financial FREEDOM you have to be making money while you’re asleep.

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