JACKPOT!! Searching An Old Bag Of Barber Half Dollars

I searched through fifty Barber Half Dollars in hopes of finding some better dates or rare varieties, and we did just that! I was super excited with the results, since it's not something I have time and bandwidth to do too often, but the results were good on today's search. We didn't find any great condition coins, but were able to come away with a few better dates in addition to some varieties. Awesome hunt!


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13 Comments on “JACKPOT!! Searching An Old Bag Of Barber Half Dollars”

  1. Nice assortment of Barber halves. One older American collector told me that back in the days the Barber series was not very popular because Lady Liberty looked like a “boy”. So only very few pieces of this series were collected. Coin collecting became popular in the mid 30s, so at this time the majority of that Barber stuff was already worn down. Greets from GER, U.

  2. Thanks for this video, Christian, I’ve always liked the Barber halves. That 1909 did look to have a inverted S m.m., and it looked like you have an R.P.M., as well. I have a few coins that have the inverted S m.m. but, it’s been so long, I can’t remember what denomination of coins they’re on. That’s called.. getting old.. er! :). Anyway… Thanks, Christian. Have a good one.

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