23 Comments on “Large collection of Gold Coins”

  1. That’s so cool the smallest one of those coins is probably worth more than my entire collection

  2. What a collection! I just discovered your channel and am glad to have more coin content to binge. I have a $10,000 collection and recently bought a $1000 coin. It’s kinda scary because now my taste has gone up so much. I was maybe a $200 coin guy before; max. Anyway thanks for showing.

  3. It so amazing that you have so few comments. This is an outstanding collection of well preserved coins. I will like to share your video to a few coin aficionados. Amazing coins!

    1. Is it good to touch and handle these..coins so casually. Don’t they lose value numismatically? From beginning I was taught and advised to handle coins delicately and with caution.

  4. Американские монеты – это очень романтичные монеты, пропитаны духом Калифорнии и Аляски! 👍👍👍

  5. Dam they look so good for 100 year olds. Lol u scored. I’m gonna get my 1st quarter oz. Coin soon

  6. The governments of modernity just neglected any gold rendition meaning in the river, Shining, making esters, stopping extreme heat and fires. So we loose all the Pacific for 20ozs in gold and silver. Wild.

  7. Amazing 👏MAN 👨.


    Congratulations 👏. I am GOLD STACKER FOR 24K BARS ONLY. In my part of world 🌎 coins NOT popular BARS ARE.

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