Let’s see some Libertad’s. Great fractional foreign silver

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14 Comments on “Let’s see some Libertad’s. Great fractional foreign silver”

  1. Super. Do have a couple of Libertads. Going to a show on the 15th to look for more goodies. Also received your fantastic looking sticker. Thank you again.

  2. Hi, Will. LIBERTAD SIGHTING! 0:54 I love my Libertads. I like most Mexican coins. I got hooked on Libertads back in the 80s when they were the redhead stepchild of bullion. They were just over spot. The popularity today is killing me on price. I have many Libertads, but my primary collection is silver in the one ounce size. I have every silver Libertad in one ounce in every finish. My fav is the reverse proof finish. My fav Libertad in my collection is my half ounce gold in reverse proof. I can’t wait for the 2022 Libertads to come out so I can spend a bunch more. Gotta have them. I’m jonesing. *TYU*

    1. That is awesome! Would love to have a complete set of Libertads. I forgot to break out my 1 oz libs for the video. I’m jealous. A gold libertad is definitely on the list to get. Would love to have been collecting when you could get them for just over spot. They really have become popular in the last few years. I’m a sucker for any coin that’s reverse proof. Thanks for watching today

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