Level Up: I Bought A $400 Grab Bag of Rare Coins Off Of Instagram

Sometimes, a $200 grab bag is good enough where you send the person you bought it from an extra $200 as a thank you. That was the case today, when WestCoastVarieties: sent me an UNBELIEVABLE package of coins with so much variety (no pun intended) of really cool coins. Hope that you enjoy – please let me know your favorite coin of the batch!

He is not selling grab bags to the public – please do not contact him in hopes of doing so. However, feel free to support his eBay, which can be found here: ebay.com/usr/lcgwholesale


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23 Comments on “Level Up: I Bought A $400 Grab Bag of Rare Coins Off Of Instagram”

  1. Too cool. I love the errors and the Shipwreck Recovery Coins! Thanks, Christian for another great video in the Grab Bag series. 👍

  2. Just because the catalog value is over $400 doesn’t mean you should pay more than that. Some of that stuff will be tough to sell at catalog price. That’s why you’ll see dealers at coin shows with a hundred 1971 proof sets. You have to discount those items if you want to sell them quickly. For varieties and repunched dates, you have to find the right buyer to get the price you want and that could take years. The point is, I’m not seeing MS CC dollars and MS early Indian cents in that lot (coins that you can hope to sell quickly and get catalog price for).

  3. I like error coins and shipwreck coins, but I don’t actually have any shipwreck coins in my collection yet. I plan to buy some Spanish silver with pirate connections soon

  4. Hi, Christian, I collect mostly IHCs, so I’m familiar with the Snow 9 designation. Richard Snow is quite an expert on Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents (Eagle Eye Rare Coins). He’s literally written the book on FE and IHC errors. From his book on 1856-1858 Flying Eagle varieties, on page 55: “It is 1857, and a coining press has been used recently to strike Liberty Seated 50c pieces. A 50c obverse die is in the hammer position and a 50c reverse die is in the anvil position. It is desired to strike Flying Eagle 1c pieces using this press… The 50c reverse die in the anvil position is removed and replaced with a 1c Flying Eagle obverse die. With the newly-fitted 1c obverse die in place in the anvil, opposite the 50c obverse still in the hammer position, the press is run through a cycle, and the 50c obverse die in the hammer position strikes the 1c obverse die in the anvil position. Clash marks appear on both obverse dies.” Clash marks appear above each wing, above the eagle’s head, through “ERICA” and below the tail feathers. Richard says 100 of these errors had been reported (as of the 2001 printing of his book).

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