List of Most Expensive coins in History

Many people expect older coins to have more value. This isn’t necessarily the case. For example, even though the United States is relatively young among nations, its coinage is in high demand and is generally more valuable than coins from places like ancient Greece.
The following list compromises of the most expensive coins. Most of these are auction prices & Few are privately sold.

This visualization shows the following things:-

1. Pictorial Representation of the coin
2. Name & Minted year of the coin
3. Country where the coin is minted.
4. Description about the coin
5. The sold price of the coin at Auction/Privately.

1. Track: Chariots of War-Aakash Gandhi.
2. Track: Curse of the Scarab-Kevin Macleod.

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60 Comments on “List of Most Expensive coins in History”

    1. Since almost all of those coins are in high mint state or proofs, they were handled perfectly, so they probably never been handled by bare hands… loosing them would have been kind of dificult…

  1. Thanks for making this video! I’ve seen most of these in person, and have held some of the exact examples shown in the video. They are really cool.

  2. There is also a Roman Sesterce of Hadrian, sold for 2,300,000 Francs (about $2 million at the time) in Switzerland in 2008. There is a gold Stater from Greek Pantikapaion that sold $3,250,000 in New York in 2012. There are several other ancient coins that exceed $700,000 in auction sales.

  3. I have 3 1943 Penny’s BUT they do not have a d mint mark so they are worth too much… Very helpful video. Cool coins!

  4. I was within arms reach of #6… 1913 Liberty V Nickle…Back in the 1974… When it was worth $100,000…. I saw it on display at a local coin shop in Minneapolis Mn. What a treat for a 13 year old Numismatist like myself!!!!!

    1. Vorrei parlare con un numismatist line per alcune monete americanel(ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻(ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

    2. Toi co tat ca nhung dong xu cua mi bi loi tu nam 1957.cho den 2020 bang dpng va ba hay giup toi ban xu .duduoc ko .toi nguoi viet

  5. The most expensive sliver coin is the 1794 Sliver Dollar.
    The most expensive gold coin is the 1933 Double Eagle.
    The most expensive modern coin is the 2007 Giant Canadian gold 1 million dollars.
    The most expensive Nickel is the 1913 Liberty V.
    The most expensive cent is the 1792 birch cent.
    The most expensive Quarter is the prototype 1792.
    The most expensive Half Dollar is 1838-O Capped bust.
    In April 2019, a SMS 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar was sold for a record $108,000. The most expensive of the modern Half dollars.

    1. ចង់ដឹងប៉ោយប៉ែតមានកន្លែងប៉ុន្មានបងទិញកាក់ហ្នឹងបង

  6. The possible reason why the majority are from USA is their relatively short history of coinage. Because of it every variant is considered more valuable. US coin collectors just don’t have a lot to choose from and so they’re more keen to pay big money for something unique.

  7. Eu tenho uma penny de 1960 D large Date, MBC, o número 9 e 6 se destacam, tenho ela à 5 anos, preciso vende-la por questões financeiras, parabéns pelo trabalho

    1. I know thats so weird i guess there are more ancient civilization coins than a gold coin that doesnt have almost any history

    2. If your talking about the 1943 or 1944 coins it’s becuase they have a special error on them

  8. I knew I shouldn’t have spent my father’s whole collection, which included most of these, at the candy store on comic books when I was a kid.

    1. Omg what!!!??? But I get what you mean. You were only a small child, and children don’t know about these yet until everyone finds out that they actually worth a lot of money. I wish I have these types of money which I have never seen before.

  9. The Australian 1 Tonne coin is worth more I think. If you included a 220pound coin in the list then surely this takes the cake.

  10. Fun fact: Did you guys know that the 1933 Saint-Gaudens coin was owned by late King Farouk of Egypt in the 1940s? And therefore it’s called the Saint-Gaudens-Farouk?

  11. You’ve got the 1943-D cent backwards. They were struck in zinc-coated steel in ’43 due to copper shortages brought on by WWII. That’s what makes the bronze specimen so rare and valuable–it was struck in error on an old planchet.

  12. I’m not sure if I’m going crazy but I was searching through my grandmother’s wheat cents and found a 1943 Denver mint. It’s in bad condition though. I’ll try and clean it up and see if it’s actually real.

    UPDATE: It’s not real. The corrosion was just so bad that it actually made it look like it was minted in Denver.

    1. you should probably not try cleaning it up yourself, lest you risk damaging the coin. Maybe take it to a professional for cleanup and appraisal

    2. Whoa,so you said you have a 1943 copper cent? No matter the mint, it’s worth a ton.get it to a coin shop ASAP!

    3. @Jie Li no, first of all it will be worth more in the future and second thing is, its his grandmas coin, also its not worth that much.

  13. Well, I got boned !
    I found #43 in my driveway years ago.
    I was told it was only worth $5 because it was a misprint.
    So I sold it, thinking it was just an old quarter & I figured the coin collector was honest.
    I have collected coins since.
    I heard they are worth money.
    I see channels show the coins I have, yet can never find anyone to buy them.
    So, Im going to make an art project out of them.
    I know when it is done, a million people are going to say ~
    Why did you do that ?!?
    I would’ve bought them.

    Happens all the time. 😂
    My coins supposedly run from $250 ea to $1100 ea.
    My son is donating 2 gold coins worth $1700 ea.
    The center piece.

    Still worth money in resin, right ? 😂😎
    ✌N ❤

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