Look for this Rare Dime in Change!

Look for this Rare Dime in Change!
The 1996-W (West Point) Dime is a nice modern rarity. With only 1.457M Minted (compared to the 1.4B dimes minted out of Philadelphia and Denver), it is definitely one to keep a look out for.
I have searched dimes forever and never thought I would actually see one in circulation, but I did find one. You can view that video below, if you'd like!
Rare Dime Found:

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24 Comments on “Look for this Rare Dime in Change!”

  1. I remember watching the video when you found it in a Dime Roll! They should have made a W Dime in 2021 for the 75th Anniversary as well!

    1. @RobFindsTreasure They did make a W dime in 2015 though. I don’t see what it celebrated though. Maybe for the year before the 70th anniversary?

  2. I have one of the 1996 W dimes. I got it from a friend who found it in circulation. Still looks brand new.

  3. I think that was just a lucky find, but then again I found a Lincoln S VDB in change from blockbuster video about 30 years ago, when I sent it to NGC to get graded it came back MS 60 RB that was my best find but it was 30 years ago.

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