Look For This Rare Wheat Penny Worth Thousands!

Look For This Rare Wheat Penny Worth Thousands!
Today, I will be showing you what the 1955 Doubled Die Obverse (DDO) Wheat Penny Looks like.
Be sure to check all of your 1955 Philadelphia (no mint mark) wheat pennies to see if you have one!
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49 Comments on “Look For This Rare Wheat Penny Worth Thousands!”

    1. Have them both. They are for serious offers. I can send pics. Have major 1900’s and 2000’s. Coins, stamps International. Are you looking for Anything?

  1. I watch your vids a lot because they remind me of my childhood. When I was 5 my grandpa taught me about rare coins and literally taught me everything in the red book he had. I love the new life you’ve brought to this hobby by posting your finds on YT and whatnot. Much love to you and your channel, and I wish you the best of luck finding!

  2. Would have been nicer to tell all the value of the example you showed instead of the highest auction sale of a much higher graded BN example. Love the 1955 DDO!

    1. Would have been for sure. Of course I would need to resubmit mine for details grade to get a better idea of it’s value. Had it had a details grade I would have for sure.

  3. YOU HAVE A PENNY THATS $24,000!!! IM SO JEALOUS I WISH I FOUND THAT COIN. Im gonna look through all my coins today lol

    1. Mine is not worth $24K – it doesn’t have a grade on it due to someone cleaning it. Mine is probably more in the $3K range.

  4. One of these days I’m going to check my wheat cents hoard. If I can find some errors or varieties. That would be freaking sweet.

  5. Of course, he has one. I need a couple of 1943 copper wheat cents, though lol

  6. I would’ve kept this one just because of how good of shape it’s in.
    It’s a good looking penny.
    I’m going to get back into coin roll hunting.
    I enjoy it, something to do and who knows..maybe I’ll get lucky.
    Anythings possible

  7. If you think about it, that’s absolutely insane! A person giving you $24,000+ for One old penny. My grandmother used to tell me – “A fool and their money soon part” and I can think of no better example than this. But if I had one of those old pennies, I’d be looking for that fool!

    1. ​@chandrea solomon you would want to send it in to pcgs for coin grading and shipment insurance, then you could auction it off with Heritage Auctions

    1. ​@Pervis Samuels I have rolls and rolls of wheat penny’s. They were very common for people to collect.

  8. I have 2, and one I have is probably the best one ever found. It’s flawless. Cannot wait to get it graded! 🙌👊

    1. Are they uncirculated and double dyed? If so I wonder how many are out there ready to be found? Apparently they’re more Abundant than thought originally! Lol! It doesn’t matter just means more finds and money with them.yah-hoo-oo!🎉🎊🎇🪅!

  9. Last year I picked up nearly 3,000 pennies from the parking lot where I live. Sad to say, none of them looked like that.

    1. @Di I also found 100 dollar bills countless 20’s one 10, 8 or 9 fives and numerous 1’s, quarters dimes and nickels and a two dollar bill. But no 50’s. Total find in the past 5 years was $537.63.
      It’s been dry pickings lately.

  10. I remember spending the 1955 double dye wheat cent in the 90’s at my local store. I was around 16. I made a comment on how weird it was that it was stamped twice. Then I handed it to the cashier 😭. What I would give to go back to that moment

  11. If only I worked at the MINT I would “accidentally” cause a coin/money to have an error and replace said money with my own to cover the cost and make a MINT 😂

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