Lots of Morgan and Peace Dollars Constitutional Silver

Lots of Morgan and Peace Dollars Constitutional Silver
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21 Comments on “Lots of Morgan and Peace Dollars Constitutional Silver”

  1. Got to love the clink of real Money. They definitely are sweet pieces of history. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I stack/collect most everything except Morgan’s & Peace dollars. Maybe that’s because I am a newbie and a of recent the prices on them have been high and they just don’t turn my crank.

    1. That’s the real beauty of stacking: there are so many ways to do it to suit everyone. Me? I LOVE the Morgan dollars
      and have over 100 of them. Also have a few Peace dollars but, to borrow a phrase, “they just don’t turn my crank.” lol
      My 2nd favorite US 90% silver coin is the 1964 Kennedy half dollar and I have a lot of them in BU condition in $100
      face bags. Love those too.

    2. @Ed B Agreed. My favs are Benjis, Walkers & Mercs if you have any $100 bags of those you would like to send my way! 😀😀😀

    3. They are not for everyone but do make a great conversation piece. Grab a few, you may be surprised how you feel when you have them.

    4. @TnT Stacker Oddly enough, I do have some bags of those but they insist that they are quite happy right where they are. lol

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