Lots of Silver, Copper and Constitutional

Saturday morning premier train

Lots of silver copper and constitutional

Email me for a sticker trade at frostie3@ptd.net

The Wulf 56 11:00 AM
Will's Treasures 11:15 AM
Wild West Stack 11:30 AM
Mrs. Coin Crew 11:45 PM
PPP 12:00 PM
Stacks and Stuff 12:15 PM
Big Red Bullion 12:30 PM
Madd Stacker 12:45 PM

27 Comments on “Lots of Silver, Copper and Constitutional”

  1. Definitely could feel the energy! Awesome stuff, wishing you all the best in the hunt!

  2. Great energy my friend, Awesome pickups! Walking liberty albums looks great! Thanks for sharing

  3. Nice! I’ll keep an eye out for those dates. I’m almost done with my walkers too! Just need 1!! 1919d. If you come across one let me know. Have a great day! 😎👍

    1. I will definitely keep a look out for you. Looking forward to completing this album and moving on to my Franklin album.

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