Mail call and Saturday night livestream announcement video.

Thank you John S for your thoughtful gift!
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20 Comments on “Mail call and Saturday night livestream announcement video.”

  1. That was nice of him for what he gave I think the pads are more necessary but nickels better to hold

  2. The pads are a thoughtful gift but the coins are a special treat I love it way to go John random acts of kindness is just AWESOMENESS 👌

  3. Hmmm that is a tough one there J, I think I’m going to have to go with the nickels though. I need to get some of those nickels I don’t have any yet. Take care and I’m looking forward to the livestream.

  4. Considering I have 5 little puppers and 1 BIG puppers….I’d have to say the piddle pads are the most helpful…BUT the nickles are just so shiny 😂

  5. I have to say with the pup I love the pads more….I know how much they come in handy with a pup. The nickles are awesome, but the thoughtfulness of the pads is what takes the cake for me. Very awesome John!!

  6. well I have been known to have an accident in my early years, but I prefer the nickels now hahaha

  7. 🙇 Very perplexing decision… As our puppy is now 10 months old, I have to say the puppy pads are awesome, but given your circumstances with the currently available mint marks there locally, I would much rather have the roll of nickels. 🤷

  8. Good evening J and B, I like tht pads. I think you’ll get more use from the pads, rather then the nickels? Good luck everyone.

  9. Ok so which of those can I relate to most? Or which I like the most? Hmmm sure do like the ’21 P nickels. Buuuuut I really value the pads in time of need situations!!! Is a tie appropriate here? Love and continued prayers to the family. See ya tonight

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