Massive $2000 Coin Grab Bags & The Future Changes of My Grab Bag Coin Collecting Offerings

My New Grab Bags:

I've unboxed and boxed a ton of grab bags over my year(s?) and have revamped my offerings as of the time that I make this video – I think we have a ton of cool new ways for people to purchase coins available. These are the quality of the bags that I strive for – over retail value, but not to the point where I can't make any money. On super small bags, there needs to be higher margins in order to make any money, while on larger ones things can even out a bit. Let me know what you think of these bags as well as any of my new offerings!


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14 Comments on “Massive $2000 Coin Grab Bags & The Future Changes of My Grab Bag Coin Collecting Offerings”

  1. I want an obsolete coinage grab bag! And maybe a colonial coinage grab bag. A 19th century coin grab bag would be nice too.

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