25 Comments on “Metal Detecting on the Beach – Coins Galore”

  1. My first ever gold was on the first day. 3 diamonds in it… never found anything after that … hahaha

  2. I think you would like videos on metal detecting in Wisconsin. So check it out and if you like subscribe. Diggin Jimmy

  3. I see your point, however, I believe that competition within the market has more impact on the price than the size of the market. In addition, overly intrusive government involvement through regulation and notification can increase the cost of a good before it comes to market, and before additional taxes like the VAT are added.

  4. I’ll bet the inflated price has nothing to do with tax, it is the retailer charging what the limited market of enthusiasts will pay. Another example – a low end bicycle headlamp is just an ordinary flashlight with a clip but the price is 5 to 10 times the price of the equivalent flashlight. VAT would have been 20%, with no state or other sales taxes.

  5. i went to an animal feed store and bought a plastic feed scoop thats used for feeding chickens or hogs etc. It looks exactly like the one in the video, i just drilled the holes and its good to go.
    This great video was the inspiration for it and for my interest in the hobby.

  6. I went to that beach at Exmouth once – I lost a 18c Gold Wedding ring. I don’t suppose…

  7. Subscribed. Interesting channel and interesting person! Good luck in future hunts. 🙂

  8. Hi have you stopped metal detecting ? been a while since your last vid on the beach . more please.

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