Morgan silver dollars you should know about!

In this video we will talk about Morgan silver dollars you should know about struck in 1921 at all 3 mints. They are VERY valuable.The Morgan dollars were struck from 1878 and the production continued until 1904. What was the reason for production in 1921?
Also, did you know they were minted in 3 different finishes? We cover everything you need to know about the 1921 Morgan dollars and their most recent sold prices too.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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13 Comments on “Morgan silver dollars you should know about!”

  1. I like them! I wish they were more main stream, but nowadays electronic money, let alone these beautiful coins, seems to be gaining popularity with phone apps such as Venmo.

  2. Morgan’s are my all time favorite, the beauty and history has always fascinated me. Being new to collecting coins I appreciate all your videos. Thank u and God Bless the J and B family

  3. Am starting to get into numismatics specially CC Morgan’s specially graded I heard there good investment.. I prefure the old ones there original..

  4. Very interesting video about Morgan Dollars. As cool as the new Morgan Dollars are, they will never be able to truly beat the originals from over a century ago.

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