Never Say These 2 Things To Coin Dealers When Selling Coins – Don’t Get Ripped Off

Here are two things that you should never say – or be in a position to say – to a coin dealer when you are trying to sell them coins. There are a lot of dealers that are trying to just get by and be honest with their businesses (and even do well), so it is important to respect them and respect the fact that they need to make money. However, it is also important to be informed and not put yourself in a position to get ripped off… if you know literally nothing about your coins, you are likely to have a bad outcome. Watch and let me know if you agree with my two tips.


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20 Comments on “Never Say These 2 Things To Coin Dealers When Selling Coins – Don’t Get Ripped Off”

  1. Of course you can also try to sell at your local flea market. If you went to a dealer and they said your coins were worth $1500 and you disagreed, you could even try to sell them as a group. Worst that happens is you spend 4 hours and find out that dealer was actually giving you a passable deal, possibly gaining some knowledge as people try to parcel your stuff out. Middle case you end up selling them for say $1700, and you got paid for your time. Best case, someone comes in almost immediately with $2,000 cash for the coins and you are done.

  2. I’ve sold to my coin dealer many times and with success. Sometimes he even gave me way more than the coin is worth lol… but I won’t complain about that!

  3. I have several 1968d ddo 1968 no mint mark ddo penny’s that I am trying to sale. Help help………..

  4. Look around when you want to sell your coins. I had some very nice red brown Lincoln cents late 20’s early 30’s. One dealer looked at them I’ll give you 20 dollars for them. I said,’ I’ll keep them. Another dealer said, I’ll give you 83.00 dollars for them, 9 coins total I figured I may have lost 15.00 on them but way better than the first guy.

  5. There are too many crooks, I have not had any contact with a good coin dealer? I lost tens of thousands from selling it too crooked coin dealers. Almost all my massive collection is gone and not for the money it should have. So I say beware!

  6. There is no coin shops near me and I friends aunt wanted to sell a relatives coin collection and asked if I would be interest. Well I am VERY interested but told them that I’m still new and don’t know the value of a lot of coins because of the grades and also I don’t know rarer years off hand. So I recommend to them, to wait a month and take it to the coin show so they can have multiple dealer look at it at one place.

  7. Some great pointers. Definitely check out several dealers, and research the coins that can give you the most value.👍👍

  8. Question: Would you say, most coin value in the Red Book are 1/3 over priced. In the last 1.5 years the going prices on ebay have gone up 10 to 15 % or more. This is U.S. coins. Have you also noticed this or is in just me? Take care. Always enjoy your videos and the info you provide.

  9. Great advice … coin dealers are market makers and your tips will help owners get a reasonable result

  10. Nice to see someone talking from the heart. You’re a good man. Thx. edit: forgot to say thanks for the great advice😄

  11. Big like number 135! Highly valuable information! Thank you so much for navigating us away from serious pitfalls!

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