New error found on 2019 quarter!

Congrats to Raizak the discover and thank you for sharing with us this amazing news!
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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22 Comments on “New error found on 2019 quarter!”

  1. i dont mind doubling if i can verify in several places. that doubling didnt show enough proof of such an attribution why isnt it the full length of the area? but just a smidgen of an area. its not doublinf if the tool is polished in to make it look like doubling like the washington ear lobe

  2. and if a mint worker is making his own style of coins let prosecute them for changing our coins that is against the law

  3. Amazing how someone can find such a micro error. The time involved in finding these errors is incredible.

  4. I dont mind real doubling but lets draw a line in the dirt as to what a machine produces opposed to an employee that thinks it should look a little different like the corn leaf on a corn stalk ‘ i say prosecute them for making a coin that they would like to see instead the philly mint created a market for messed up coins with old machines i m guessing

  5. I have a few coins that should be acknowledged errors, like a 1985 quarter i have that has a whole extra leaf on the reverse, gotta be some sort of legit doubling in my opinion

  6. So the doubling is of the 3 trees on the one coin I sent Wexler 3 coins one control and 2 of the same double die and have found another one last week of wddr-001

  7. Congratulations to @Raizak the Discoverer on another new attribution in your name!! That is so cool!!🎉✨️❤️

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