NumismaTalks – Coins of the Hasmonean Kings

This illustrated talk will feature the coins of the Hasmonean rulers. The Hasmonean Dynasty began in Judaea with the sons of Mattathias the Hasmonean revolting against Seleucid rule (167-160 BCE). One of his sons was Judah (nicknamed 'the Maccabee' [the hammer). The Hasmoneans struck an extensive series of bronze coins beginning with John Hyrcanus I beginning around 132 BCE and ending with Mattathias Antigonus whose lost his kingdom to Herod I in 27 BCE, three years after Herod was named King in Rome.

Presented by David Hendin. David is vice president and honorary curator of the American Numismatic Society. He is author of Guide to Biblical Coins 6th Edition and 16 other books as well as hundreds of numismatic articles and papers in refereed journals. Hendin's recent awards include the 2022 Burnett Anderson Award of the ANS, ANA, and Numismatic Literary Guild; the 2022 Trustees Award of the American Numismatic Society; the 2013 Gunnar Holst Numismatic Foundation Medal of the Swedish Numismatic Society, University of Gothenburg.

Presenter: David Hendin

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